Why Pool Inspections in NSW are Compulsory

Implementing Pool Safety Inspections in Sydney

Whether it’s a refreshing dip on a summer’s day or an invigorating splash in the depths of winter, swimming pools are part of Australia’s great lifestyle. Pools and spas can be dangerous if safety is neglected. Pool barriers, safety gates and non-climbable surfaces help make pools and spas much safer.

Across Australia, many states have introduced laws that require certain safety standards to be met through a certification process–but navigating these waters can be tricky. The process of acquiring a swimming pool certificate in Sydney can be very different to those in other states, so it pays to thoroughly research the local safety requirements.


Making Pool Inspections Compulsory

Sydney’s property market is red hot–for both selling and renting–and a pool or spa can add extra value to the sale price. However, it must be certified before it can be used.

Since the 26th of April 2016, new legislation has come into effect in New South Wales that makes it mandatory for any property with a swimming pool to have a valid certificate of safety compliance before it’s sold or leased.

In addition, pool and spa owners must register their properties with the NSW Swimming Pool Register and have an inspection conducted by an accredited certifier. Unless these conditions are met, the property cannot legally be sold or rented.

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Clear View Pool Safety Inspection


This is why pool safety inspections in Sydney are a must for homeowners looking to sell or rent their properties. Unless the swimming pool fencing or barrier is compliant, they cannot proceed.

If after a thorough inspection of your swimming pool, we find there are in fact some non-compliances, a detailed report will be provided to you outlining why. The report includes photographs and diagrams where necessary to provide you with a clear description of the rectification work required.

In some cases, your inspector will require a pool fence or gate repair to comply with the strict pool safety regulations.


Thorough Inspection Process for Peace of Mind

Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death in children aged less than five years in Australia. In light of the consecutive deaths among toddlers in private home pools, pool safety has never been more important. In an industry report, an astounding nine out of ten backyard pools have failed safety inspections in Sydney. The report also stated a non-compliance rate as high as 98 per cent documented by one council.

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Ensuring pool safety for young kids


Ticking off a pool safety certificate checklist helps homeowners identify which areas of their pool or spa need improving to increase security. This covers features such as a self-closing and self-latching pool gate. Another way to ensure that every pool is made safe for children and adults alike is putting up a pool CPR sign. Putting up an illustrated diagram that is easy to follow greatly reduces the risk of death or injury. This brings great peace of mind to homeowners, knowing that their pool or spa can be enjoyed by people of all ages without fearing for their safety.


Sydney-Based Specialists in Pool Safety Inspections

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Clear View Pool Safety Inspector and Certifier


We are located in Sydney and run by a professional with over 20 years building and inspection experience. This combination of local knowledge and building expertise enables us to perform pool safety inspections in a quick and easy manner.

We conduct thorough inspections that produce detailed inspection reports that help bring pools and spas in Sydney up to safety regulations. Once all safety conditions are met, we can then directly issue Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates under NSW regulations.