NSW Swimming Pool Register

What is a NSW swimming pool register?

The NSW government has developed a Swimming Pool Register where all homeowners should register their pool. It is a very simple process for all homeowners to do. The idea is to have all pools registered in one location for any person or authority to check the status of the pool or whether complaint or non-complaint and to provide simple advice for homeowners to do safety checks on their own swimming pools.

I will try and guide you on the process of registering your pool. Continue reading this guide.


How to Register Your Pool in NSW

1. Visit www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au to register your pool.

There is an icon: REGISTER YOUR POOL, click on this and it will give you directions on registering your pool.

register pool nsw

Click on the Register Pool button.


2. Enter your email address and wait for a link that will be sent to your email.

Simply enter your email address in the location given on the website. If you don’t have an email, use a family members email who can pass on any email information to you.


pool register nsw sydney

Enter your email address.


After you enter your email address, you will receive a link in your inbox email to go to the registration page. 

sydney pool registration email


3. Answer the required questions.

Answer 4 simple questions by choosing the best suitable answer that matches your swimming pool.

Use the relevant checklist provided to do a quick safety check of your swimming pool.


4. Complete and submit the pool registration.

Follow the steps and complete the pool registration. This does not mean your pool is compliant it just means its registered in the NSW pool register which is a great start.


Pool Barrier Certification

To have your pool barrier certified you will need to call your local council to inspect or contact someone like us a private pool certifier to do it for you.

Once we have inspected, we will update the NSW pool register and your swimming pool will have a compliant certificate which lasts for 3 years.

There are many self-assessment checklists available on the NSW Pool register but be advised that this checklist is not final and can change pending some important information when the pool is inspected.

As per Clause 30 and 31 of the regulations the Pool can only continue to comply with a previous standard before its repeal if the Pool is complaint and continues to comply, if the swimming hasn’t been altered or modified and the owner can show the Swimming pool was compliant immediately before the standard was repealed. This evidence can be done via an inspection certificate or some type of proof.


NSW Pool Register with the help of Private Pool Certifiers

The NSW government has introduced these strict rules so swimming pool owners are forced to update to the current standards and not relying on old barrier standard which may be now considered unsafe tom your family and public.

pool barrier certification - by licensed pool certifier

Pool barrier certification by licensed pool certifier

The NSW Pool register is not just designed for home owners use but for the use of Private Certifiers like us and local authorities like your council.

We use the Pool register to search swimming pools to find information such as swimming pool compliance certificates, Pool registrations, not compliance certificates.

Useful information can be found on why the pool did not comply in its last inspection.


Importance of Pool Safety Inspections

Pool Safety inspections play a major role in todays market. There are thousands of homes with swimming pools that require Pool Safety inspections to ensure the Pool fence is compliant and safe for the existing home owners and the public.

Many time home owners only think about there own family, for example we may visit a home to do a Pool fence inspection and unfortunately it does not comply, we frequently get told by the owners “our kids are older now and know how to swim” the pool fence is not important.

NSW pool safety regulations to keep children safe

Hire a pool inspector and get a pool safety certification to ensure your backyard is safe for children of all ages.


Well, what about your neighbours’ kids? What happens if the get into your yard via the boundary fence or if you leave your side gate open. It’s the responsibility of the home owner to ensure the pool fence complies and is safe with today’s regulations.

Let’s look at a different situation. You have fiends over and they have a small child who can’t swim???

What then if they access your pool and drown. How would you feel? How would your friends feel?

What do you think happens in a situation like this?

Well, it’s not good let me tell you. The coroners will do a full investigation and if you’re liable for negligence you may well end up in jail.

Don’t risk it! Get your Swimming Pool Inspected and made safe and compliant not just for your family but your neighbours, friends and the public.

Sleep care free at night knowing you have done everything in your power to ensure public Safety!


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