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Clear View Property Inspections is your trusted partner for assessing the condition of residential and commercial buildings in Sydney, NSW. With our detailed dilapidation reports, we offer important information to property owners, investors, and developers about their building's current condition.

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Dilapidation Report Services

Our team of experienced building inspectors use advanced technology and methods to provide a comprehensive report. By documenting the pre-existing conditions of neighbouring properties, dilapidation reports help prevent disputes and ensure all parties are aware of any existing damages. Property owners, builders, or developers often request this practice to safeguard their interests in cases where nearby construction work may cause harm. Neighbouring property owners can also use it to protect their properties if they sustain damage from these activities.

A dilapidation document assesses the property’s condition before nearby construction or excavation activities, identifying any pre-existing damage or defects such as cracks, subsidence, and other issues that may be related to the construction work. The report is ideal for:

  • First home buyers.
  • New build owners.
  • Homeowners interested in renovating.
  • Contractors and builders.
  • Body corporates.

This evaluation is conducted by a knowledgeable inspector who thoroughly inspects the property and presents a detailed report highlighting existing concerns.

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Dilapidation Reports for Property Owners or Developers

Why Choose Clear View Property Inspections

experienced building inspectors

Experienced Professionals

Extensive knowledge of building codes and standards. We have a reputation for providing accurate and reliable reports accepted by councils, insurers, and lawyers.

The turnaround time for receiving a building inspection report can vary depending on the inspector and the scope of the inspection. In general, most building inspectors aim to provide the report within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection has been completed.

Comprehensive Inspections

We cover all aspects of your property that could be affected by the construction project. We use advanced technology to ensure our reports are accurate and comprehensive.

building inspections are a valuable tool for ensuring the safety, compliance, and value of a property. They can help identify potential issues early on, provide peace of mind, and give property owners and buyers negotiating power.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of timely construction projects. Our reports offer fast turnaround times, allowing you to move forward quickly.

Identify potential issues: A building inspection can identify potential issues or defects in a property that may not be visible to the untrained eye. This includes structural problems, plumbing and electrical issues, water damage, and more. Identifying these issues early on can prevent them from becoming more serious and costly to fix in the future.

Personalised Service

We understand that each project is unique, and we provide customized service to ensure our reports are tailored to your needs.

New Home Construction Project

Before starting a new home construction project, consider getting a dilapidation report to assess key structural components like the foundation, walls, roof and floors. At Clear View Property Inspections, we have the capabilities of using visual aids such as drones to identify areas exhibiting dilapidation or displacement of facade elements. These methods can enable inspection of difficult to see locations.

Pre-construction and potential issues

Before starting construction activities, a thorough examination of the property’s condition, known as a dilapidation report, is conducted. This helps identify any existing damage or subsidence that could affect the building. Detecting and addressing these issues early can save time and financial resources during construction.

Neighbouring properties

The local council will usually mandate the developer or builder doing the construction to arrange a Dilapidation report prior to construction. Usually, it’s the property’s either side of the construction and council assets such as paths, roads and kerb and gutters.

If you are a neighbour not directly next door it may be beneficial to arrange your own dilapidation report for peace of mind. It can only be beneficial otherwise it would be virtually impossible to prove whether the cracks or any structural inadequacies where there prior or post construction.

Building inspectors play a crucial role by conducting inspections to identify and assess the presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead paint, and other harmful substances.

First Inspection

Clear View Property Inspections will visit your property to conduct a detailed evaluation. The inspection carefully documents any existing damage or concerns that planned construction activities may impact. Specifically, the initial assessment looks at any pre-existing structural movement near neighbouring properties or areas before commencing with new construction, demolition, or renovation projects. This stage aims to accurately record the current condition of the structure.

Dilapidation reports can help you identify potential risks during construction or excavation work

Second Inspection

After new construction, renovations, or demolitions, a post-construction building inspection is conducted. This phase entails assessing the condition of surrounding structures following these activities. The findings from this inspection are compiled into a comprehensive report by the building inspector. This report provides detailed information regarding any pre-existing damage or issues on your property and includes pertinent visual aids such as photographs, descriptions, and measurements.

Dilapidation Report Completion

The comparison of these two inspection reports is important to assess whether any new issues in the surrounding areas have been caused by construction, renovation, or demolition activities. Dilapidation reports are conducted by experienced building inspectors who conduct a comprehensive examination of a property, specifically focusing on aspects that may be negatively impacted by nearby construction work.

Accurate dilapidation reports involve thorough measurements, photographs, notes and diagrams of existing cracks, adjacent plots and structural defects. By comparing these reports, one can determine an appropriate plan for addressing the identified issues. It is important for both the owner and involved contractor/builder to sign and agree upon the findings outlined in the dilapidation report as part of their contractual agreement related to the ongoing construction project.

Our dilapidation report service in Sydney offers comprehensive inspections to identify any existing damage or issues on your property before construction begins. Our team of experienced and licensed building inspectors use the latest technology and techniques to provide a thorough and detailed inspection.

During both the pre-and post-construction dilapidation reports, all areas of the property of concern, as well as its surrounding areas, will be inspected:

  • Overall building structure
  • Driveway and garages
  • Fencing, Yards
  • Street guttering
  • Footpaths, Nature strips
  • Nearby houses or buildings

More specifically, dilapidation reports might detail the current state of the following areas of property both before and after a nearby construction site’s work is completed:

  • Tile cracks around plumbing fixtures
  • Cracks in internal and external walls
  • Loose or missing frames
  • Cracks in concrete or pavers
  • Indications of ground movement
  • Architrave alignments

Construction and Renovation

At Clear View Property Inspections, we specialize in providing accurate and comprehensive dilapidation reports in Sydney. Before starting any construction or renovations, it’s important to thoroughly understand the condition of your property. Dilapidation reports assess the structures around the proposed construction site and your property. This helps avoid surprises during construction or renovation, leading to a smoother process.

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Manage Construction Legal Risks

Dilapidation reports are important for preventing legal disputes. They offer unbiased documentation of your property and its surroundings before construction or demolition work starts. This evidence helps accurately assess the condition of your property and that of your neighbour, providing fair records in case of any conflicts regarding damages caused by construction activities.

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Pre-Construction Report for Builders & Contractors

Using dilapidation reports can be very helpful for builders and contractors. It allows them to assess the condition of the property and surrounding structures before construction, reducing potential risks or issues. With this information, necessary precautions can be taken to prevent damage by monitoring factors such as land movement, vibrations, and areas prone to water overflow.


Dilapidation Report Estimate

The cost of building inspection reports can vary based on factors such as:

  • The size of the site
  • The number of surrounding structures
  • Type of inspections completed

Our team at Clear View Property Inspections understands the importance of accurate and comprehensive dilapidation reports.

Our standard residential pricing starts from $600 per standard residential dwelling. Contact us for a specific quote.

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About Clear View Property Inspections

Clear View Property Inspections is a small, trustworthy business that prioritizes integrity and earning your trust. With personalized service from start to finish, we offer high-quality building inspections and dilapidation reports in NSW.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
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We will work tirelessly to ensure a thorough examination accurately captures the condition of both the inspected site and its neighbouring structures. This involves carrying out meticulous inspections on various aspects concerning the building itself and its surroundings, including taking detailed photographs alongside thorough documentation.

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Your Building Inspector in Action

Our building inspection videos provide an overview of how our inspector Robert completes your report. Our experienced inspectors utilize state-of-the-art technology to uncover any potential issues. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply maintaining your property, trust Clear View Inspection to deliver comprehensive and reliable building inspection services.

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Dilapidation Report Services

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Construction work, including demolitions and renovations, often involves heavy machinery and various moving parts. It is important to be prepared and protected from potential property damage that may occur during these processes. Dilapidation reports are essential for safeguarding all parties involved from legal action by providing initial documentation that must be agreed upon by stakeholders. To ensure impartiality, independent third-party inspectors conduct these reports with no conflicts of interest.

Commencing Construction

Safeguarding property owners

Dilapidation reports aim to protect property owners from potential damage caused by nearby construction or excavation activities. Conducting a thorough assessment of the property’s current state before any work begins allows owners to establish a baseline and safeguard their interests if damage occurs due to such construction projects.

Managing Construction Disputes

Dilapidation reports are valuable in mitigating potential disputes between adjacent property owners, builders, or developers. These reports meticulously identify any pre-existing damage or issues on the property, allowing all parties involved to transparently comprehend the property’s condition before initiating any work. This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of disagreements or conflicts that may emerge later.

Legal Protection

Local Council Planning Laws

In certain situations, municipal councils or governmental agencies may mandate an assessment of property conditions as part of approving construction or excavation projects. It is crucial to comply with these requirements to ensure the project can proceed without legal issues.

Mitigating responsibility

Dilapidation reports help minimize liability for property owners, builders, and developers by accurately assessing the property’s condition before commencing work. This allows for any pre-existing damage to be identified and documented, thereby avoiding potential disputes and legal issues in the future.

Avoiding potential disputes

Conducting a thorough dilapidation report before construction can help builders avoid conflicts with neighbouring property owners. The report identifies any existing damage or defects, ensuring that the builder is not held responsible for issues beyond their control and mitigating claims for damages caused by them.

Providing a baseline for comparison

The dilapidation report serves as a reference point for comparing the state of the building before and after construction. In case any damages or alterations occur during the construction process, builders can consult the report to identify whether they were pre-existing or a result of their work.

Identifying potential risks

A dilapidation report can help builders identify potential hazards during construction. For example, if the report shows subsidence or cracking in a nearby property, builders can take steps to prevent these issues from worsening during construction activities.