Who can do a timber pest inspection

The regulations for this are also quite accommodating. To conduct a pre-purchase timber pest inspection, individuals simply need to finish two modules of the termite management course. This will qualify them to perform pre-purchase timber pest inspections.

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If you’re in the market for a new property in Sydney, it’s essential to prioritize a pre-purchase timber pest inspection. This service is crucial for identifying any potential issues with termites or other wood-damaging pests that could be lurking in the property.

Basically, these inspectors aren’t pest control experts and have zero experience dealing with termites. Yet, they’re the ones who will inspect a home you’re thinking of buying for termite issues! What’s even more ridiculous is that they can’t actually treat termites or do inspections for existing homeowners, but somehow they’re allowed to conduct pre-purchase timber pest inspections. It’s just absurd!

So, ask the questions.

Are you a builder? If so what’s your builder’s license number?

Are you a pest controller? If so, what’s your pest management license number.

Do you have insurance? Please provide copy of your policy.

If you didn’t know already it is not law to have insurance for pre-purchase Building inspections. Again, it’s crazy so ensure you do your due diligence.