What to do when termites are found on your property

Termite Inspection

If you found active termites in your home DONT TOUCH THEM, leave them alone and whatever you do not spray them with any pesticides. Contact a reputable pest control firm for a termite inspection. The business will conduct a thorough termite inspection to identify the extent of the infestations and identify areas for treatment. The termite treatment process in NSW varies depending on the extent of the infestation, type of termites present, and the specific treatment method used.  The best way to be assured of full termite colony eradication is by baiting the termites. This is the true way of treating termites.

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We will come to you with the only detection tool available that can precisely detect termites without the penetration of walls, floors or ceilings.

Treatment plan

A plan outlining recommended treatment methods and any necessary follow-up actions will be created based on the inspection results. At Clear View Property Inspections, our experienced team of professionals will thoroughly inspect your property to identify any existing termite infestations and assess the extent of the damage.


Homeowners should prepare the property for treatment by removing any obstacles or items that may obstruct access to affected areas as advised by professionals.

Pest Controller

The pest controller will apply the treatment according to the plan, which may involve chemical or non-chemical methods. Follow-up inspections will be scheduled to monitor the effectiveness and ensure the elimination of any remaining termite activity. The homeowner will receive advice on preventative measures, including regular termite inspections, reducing moisture levels in the home, and removing conducive items and installing a termite preventative system like a chemical barrier or inground monitoring system.

It’s important to note that the termite treatment process can vary depending on specific circumstances. Homeowners should consult with a licensed pest controller for advice and obtain multiple quotes from reputable controllers experienced in termite treatment.

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Investing in an annual termite inspection is not just a precautionary measure, but a smart investment to protect the value and integrity of your property.