What Does A Condition Report Look Like?

Once you receive your condition report, generally within 24 hours, look through it. It should be simple and easy to read. Normally the front page will have the address of the property and the date the inspection was completed, and a photograph of the building. You will notice many photographs and information alongside them stating what was found. It will take you through all that was inspected, detailing the major and minor defects the inspector found with the photographic evidence to show you. If you have questions about the report, you should contact the inspector to clarify things. At Clear View Property inspections, the inspector will contact you directly after the inspection to talk through his findings and answer any questions you may have. This is something we include with all our inspections. Still, not many companies will do this, so when you are ringing around, make sure you find out what is included in the service and how available they are to answer any questions after you receive your report. Many companies send out condition report, and getting in touch for help is nearly impossible.

Condition Report

When building a new home, a comprehensive multistage report is your insurance against defects