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Basic Guide to Building Inspections

Basic Guide What To Look For Initial Steps Check windows and doors open and close easily Check for mould or damp areas…

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Practical Completion Report PDF

Practical Completion inspection or Handover inspection is basically at completion stage. Maybe some appliances are yet to be installed but we are…

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Choosing a Pre-Purchase Building Inspector in Sydney

Pre-Purchase Building Inspector Qualifications and Certifications When choosing a pre-purchase building inspector in Sydney, NSW, it’s important to consider their qualifications and…

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Real Estate Agents and Prepurchase Reports

Pre-purchase property inspection report Conducting a thorough building inspection before purchasing a property is essential. This inspection provides a detailed assessment of…

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Environmental risks and your property purchase

Environmental Risks Pre-purchase building inspections are crucial in identifying and evaluating potential environmental risks within a property. Through visual assessments, inspectors search…

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Sydney Pre-purchase Inspection Process

Two main steps The first step in the pre-purchase building inspection process is scheduling an appointment with a licensed building inspector in…

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