Understanding pool certification

Swimming Pool Compliance

Australians really love the water. Whether it’s at the beach or in a community pool, swimming is a big part of our lives. Drowning is a major risk for young kids. The Daily Telegraph recently mentioned that paramedics in New South Wales responded to 225 drowning incidents over the past two months.

NSW pool safety regulations to keep children safe

Hire a pool inspector and get a pool safety certification to ensure your backyard is safe for children of all ages.

Pool Certification Legalities

In Australia, local and state authorities have passed laws to make it compulsory for owners and operators to improve safety barriers around pools. Fences and gates are required to keep children out of the water when unsupervised. Non-slip surfaces and covers for suction pumps may also be necessary. Basic safety tips and emergency instructions need to be displayed.

In NSW, pool certification involves an accredited certifier inspecting a pool for these safety features and recommending any needed improvements. Once the conditions are satisfied, a certificate of compliance can be issued.

Visit fairtrading.nsw.gov.au for more information.

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Obtaining Swimming Pool Certification

The pool certification process in Australia ensures that all pools meet safety standards. Homeowners need to have their pools inspected by an accredited organization. This process also prevents fines for non-compliance and ensures the safety of pool users.

We Make Getting Certified Easy

We’re the top pool compliance and certification experts in Sydney. Our certifiers are well-versed in the NSW pool certification process. As E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers, we can guide you through every step, ensuring that your pool or spa meets all requirements and obtains a certificate of compliance.

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