Pool safety inspection and certification cost

A pool safety inspection and certification cost can vary depending on the chosen inspector. Pricing for these services is influenced by various factors such as:

  • Size and number of pools/spas on the property
  • Inspection and certification for a Home or Business
  • The required turnaround of your pool safety inspection and certification

General Residential Prices – Clear View Property Inspections

General Residential Pricing Sydney NSW
Initial Inspection $330.00
Subsequent Inspection $220.00

For additional quotes or confirm prices for body corporate, hotels, gyms and other buildings, contact us.

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Sydney pool inspection Sydney pool compliance

At Clearview Property Inspections, we emphasize the importance of regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your pool fence.

We offer pool safety inspections in various locations throughout Sydney, including the Hills District, Pennant Hills. In New South Wales, there are strict laws regarding pool safety regulations.

All public pools in New South Wales must have functioning and up-to-standard pool barriers inspected annually. If any faults are detected during these inspections, immediate repairs should be made to ensure the safety of the public and pool staff.

Property owners (including homeowners, local councils or pool management companies) are responsible for regularly inspecting and maintaining their respective pool barriers. Qualified inspectors specialising in evaluating such barriers have been extensively trained to identify defects and recommend appropriate repairs to maintain barrier integrity.

After an inspection, if any issues are found with the pool barrier, it will be labelled with a warning to notify the public and prompt timely repairs. Neglecting maintenance and repair of a pool barrier is considered a severe violation of NSW law. Pool operators or managers failing to adhere to these regulations may face significant fines or imprisonment.

Sydney pool inspection

Regular maintenance and inspections It’s important to note that simply installing a compliant pool fence is not enough to ensure ongoing safety.