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The NSW Swimming Pool Register is a government-run database in New South Wales, Australia, that was created with the primary objective of improving swimming pool safety. The register aims to achieve this objective by:

– Ensuring that all swimming pools in NSW are registered: The register aims to make sure that all swimming pools in NSW are registered and that their details are up to date. This helps local authorities to identify and monitor swimming pools in their jurisdiction, as well as identify properties that do not have a swimming pool barrier or fence.

– Promoting compliance with pool safety regulations: The register provides a means for local authorities to monitor and enforce compliance with pool safety regulations. This is achieved by requiring pool owners to self-assess their pool barriers and fencing, and to ensure that they are compliant with the relevant safety standards.

– Increasing awareness of pool safety: The register aims to increase awareness of pool safety by providing information and resources to pool owners, including guidelines for pool safety, the risks of non-compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance.

In summary, the NSW Swimming Pool Register is an important tool for improving swimming pool safety in NSW, by promoting compliance with pool safety regulations, increasing awareness of pool safety, and ensuring that all swimming pools in the state are registered and monitored by local authorities.

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