Important Things to Know About Pool Safety Inspection

Pool safety is paramount, particularly when it comes to preventing tragic incidents such as drowning, and especially among young children.

One of the key aspects of ensuring pool safety is undergoing regular pool safety inspections. In this guide, we’ll delve into what pool safety inspections entail, why they are crucial, and how to go about getting one.

What are Pool Safety Inspections?

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At its core, a Pool Safety Inspection is focused on assessing the pool fence to ensure it complies with safety regulations. The primary objective is to prevent unsupervised access to the pool area, especially by young children who may not fully grasp the dangers associated with swimming pools.

Statistics reveal that children aged 1-5 are particularly vulnerable to drowning incidents. Often, these tragedies occur when children are left unattended, engaging in innocent activities like retrieving a toy from the pool. By ensuring pool safety through inspections, we can significantly reduce the risk of such accidents.

Understanding NSW Government Regulations:

In New South Wales (NSW), the government has implemented stringent regulations to mitigate the risk of drownings. Homeowners are required to adhere to these regulations, which include maintaining a compliant pool barrier. Failure to comply not only poses emotional anguish but also legal consequences in the event of an accident.

The Pool Safety Inspection Process:

Contrary to popular belief, a Pool Safety Inspection is not merely a formality. It involves a thorough examination of the pool barrier to identify any non-compliance issues. Upon completion, homeowners are provided with a notice outlining necessary fixes. Subsequent re-inspections are conducted to ensure compliance, following which a swimming pool compliance certificate is issued.

NSW Pool Register

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NSW Pool Register Website


First, go to the NSW pool register at

Registering the Pool is quite easy. Just follow the instructions and the pool will be registered. There is even a checklist that are provided that you can do your basic check or the pool barrier.

These Checklists are just basic checks and not 100 per cent correct in many instances.

Once your pool is registered, you can proceed to schedule a Pool Safety Inspection. You have the option to engage a registered pool inspector or coordinate with your local council for inspection services. Remember, the certification obtained from these inspections typically lasts for three years, underscoring the importance of regular assessments.

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Arranging a Pool Safety Inspection

Prioritising pool safety through regular inspections is non-negotiable, given the potential consequences of non-compliance. By understanding the inspection process, adhering to government regulations, and leveraging available resources such as the NSW Pool Register, homeowners can safeguard their pools against tragic accidents.

Don’t delay—schedule your pool safety inspection today to protect your loved ones and ensure peace of mind.

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