Practical Completion Report PDF

Practical Completion inspection or Handover inspection is basically at completion stage. Maybe some appliances are yet to be installed but we are close to the end.

Hopefully you have completed all the other staged construction inspections as this inspection will mainly focus on the final details.  Most structural items are all covered now and would be extremely difficult to identify any issues not visible. We’re looking for top-quality finishes at this stage – from tiling and plasterboard to paint finishes. Roofing and flashing will also be checked at this stage including plumbing is working as it should. If landscaping is part of the builder’s job, we will check all landscaping is up to code.

PCI stage will still check for NCC compliance where possible.

We’ll also inspect bench tops and cabinets for any scratches – anything needing attention will be noted down so the builder can address it before handover!