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New Build Inspections

Clear View Property Inspections, your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and integrity of your new construction projects. Our team of experienced and qualified inspectors is dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable new build inspections that meet the highest industry standards.

Building Your New Home

New Build staged inspections are periodic inspections at certain stages during the construction of your home. These inspections are arranged by the homeowner, not the builder. They are designed to oversee the build to ensure the builder is constructing the home as per the National Construction Code, relevant Australian standards and of high quality.

Our Building Inspectors make sure that all the preparation works are in compliance with the Engineers specifications and the Australian Standards.

We identify issues during and after construction to prevent potential problems in the future. Constructing a new home is a complicated process, and it’s common for builders and contractors to make mistakes. In fact, we have yet to visit a site where we haven’t discovered defects.

Requesting a New Build Inspection

The builder is probably advising you not to do these inspections because they have their own Quality assurance process and they have their Engineers and Private Certifiers. This is most likely true but from our experience, there are no Quality checks, The engineers never attend the site and the Private certifier is in the Builders Pocket. When we say in the Builder Pocket, we mean the Private certifier does not question or push the builder to fix issues as they will lose their contract. Think of how many homes the engineers and Private certifiers are engaged for and the $$ involved.

Private Certifier

In July 2020, NSW enforced a rule change that the builder must allow homeowners to use their Private certifiers. This Law was introduced due to the conflict of interest between private certifiers and the builder, but as always, the builders found a way to manipulate the rules and have been asking their clients to sign a waiver that allows them to use their own private certifier! If you have been asked to sign a waiver, don’t! Do some research and find a quality private certifier with great reviews that will ensure the build is where it should be!

Our Building Inspectors work through a comprehensive checklist. We check for compliance and workmanship defects. ​

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to carry out a comprehensive inspection of new home construction. With the increasing demand for new homes in Sydney, there has been a rise in poorly constructed houses due to an unregulated industry.

What do you need to arrange the New Build staged inspections?

Firstly, don’t wait until the last minute! Find an inspector you can trust and engage them immediately before the builder starts work. It’s important the inspector is ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Full construction drawings

To fulfil our commitment to providing comprehensive inspections, we rely on the construction drawings on each visit to ensure the project is built as per design and architectural specifications.

Engineers Drawings

In addition to construction drawings, we also utilize engineers’ drawings to enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of our inspections. These drawings provide a clear and detailed representation of the building’s design and allow our inspectors to identify any potential issues or deviations from the original plans.

Framing Drawings

These are provided by the frame and truss company the builder engages which will have all tie downs, strap bracing and sheet bracing details and full installation guidelines for the framing of the home.

The final inspection conducted is the handover inspection. This inspection usually takes the longest, as our building inspectors look over every component of the property and report on safety concerns, major defects, non-compliant workmanship and minor defects.

Our Building Inspectors conduct meticulous checks on all aspects of the building to ensure that you receive top-quality results. We verify that the workmanship adheres to the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.