Pool Safety Checklist

Pool Safety Checklist

A typical pool safety inspection checklist in NSW follows a specific format that comprehensively assesses the swimming pool’s compliance with safety regulations. Clear View Property Inspections understands the importance of accurate property assessments and pool safety. We provide thorough inspections that adhere to industry guidelines and regulations.

Download PDF of the Template here: Pool Safety Report Template – Building Inspection _ Pre-purchase building inspection _ Property Inspection Sydney.

Property Details

  • Address and pool owner’s name
  • Date of the pool inspection
  • Clear View Property Inspections profile and license number

Pool Details

  • Pool type (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • Pool dimensions (length, width, depth)
  • Pool registration details (if applicable)

Inspection Summary

  • Overall pool assessment (compliant, non-compliant, or partially compliant)
  • Key findings and observations regarding pool safety
  • Summary of pool repairs and pool recommendations

Pool Barriers and Fencing

  • Overview of existing pool barriers and fencing compliance
  • Description and measurements of the barriers (e.g., fence height, gate, latch)
  • Identification of any non-compliance pool issues or safety hazards
  • Recommendations for pool fencing rectification or improvement

Gate and Door Safety

  • Assessment of pool gate and door compliance
  • Check for gate self-closing and self-latching mechanisms
  • Identification of any issues related to gate and door safety
  • Recommendations for pool gate rectification or improvement

CPR Signage

  • Verification of the presence and visibility of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) signage
  • Compliance with signage requirements (content, size, location)
  • Identification of any deficiencies in CPR signage
  • Recommendations for CPR signage rectification or improvement

Pool Access and Surrounding Hazards

  • Evaluation of potential hazards around the pool area (e.g., climbable objects, vegetation, structures)
  • Identification of any pool safety risks or non-compliance with regulations
  • Recommendations for removing or addressing hazards

Water Quality and Maintenance

  • Assessment of pool water quality (clarity, chemical balance)
  • Inspection of pool equipment (filtration system, pump, etc.)
  • Identification of any maintenance issues or concerns
  • Recommendations for pool water treatment or equipment maintenance, if necessary

Additional Comments

  • Any additional remarks or observations regarding the pool’s safety and compliance
  • Suggestions for general pool maintenance or improvements

Compliance Certificate

  • Indication of whether a compliance certificate is issued or pending
  • Certificate number and validity period, if applicable


  • Visual documentation of key pool findings and areas of concern
Climbable objects near the pool fence: Trees, furniture, or other objects near the pool fence may be climbable and could provide a way for children to access the pool area.

When you select our services for your pool barrier certification requirements, you can expect a thorough and detailed examination of your pool barrier. Our knowledgeable inspectors will identify any possible safety hazards or concerns to ensure that your pool barrier complies with all applicable regulations and standards.