Meth Testing Property Inspections

Methamphetamine Drug Property Testing

Methamphetamine, also known as ice or crystal meth, has been a big problem in Australia for a long time. Using or making meth inside any property leaves behind dangerous chemical residue that can harm the people living there.

Understanding Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine impacts the brain and nerves, and it’s incredibly addictive, causing people to get hooked even after trying it just once. It’s also quite simple to produce since its ingredients are commonly found in everyday household items.

Property Inspection For Drugs

All that needs to happen is for the inspector to collect samples from different areas of the property and analyze them for traces of methamphetamine. This will determine if there’s any residue in the property. Most companies will provide the report within a day.

If methamphetamine is found, depending on how severe the contamination is, some properties might have to replace items like carpets and curtains. In more serious situations, surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry may also need replacement.

Testing for contamination is only required when a property is confirmed or suspected to have been used for methamphetamine manufacture.

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Professional building inspection service testing for drugs

Testing Swabs

Meth testing is a simple process done by professionals. Property Inpsectors swab areas of the home and test for positive readings. It’s highly recommended to organize a meth test after tenants have moved out but before new occupants move in, as it’s hard to tell if the property has been contaminated. Signs that you need a methamphetamine test include strong odors, unusual stains or discoloration on surfaces, and signs of drug paraphernalia.

Chemical smell

Burn piles around the home

Missing lightbulbs

Neglected property

Stains on walls

Evidence of blacked-out windows

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Meth testing a property through a building inspector.

Drug Residue Testing Service

Consider getting a meth test before buying or moving into a property to make sure it’s safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially considering the health risks involved with meth residues. This is also important if you’re planning on leasing out your property to new tenants. Detecting even slight contamination can prevent potential health issues and is worth the investment for everyone’s safety.

Methamphetamine testing

House visit in Sydney testing for Methamphetamine

If you see signs of meth contamination, avoid entering the property. It’s not advisable to test the property yourself with a DIY kit since they can give inaccurate results and may not be sensitive enough to detect lower levels of methamphetamine as per national guidelines. Additionally, DIY kit results may not hold up in court. When hiring a meth testing company, make sure they use professional standard kits instead of DIY ones.

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Signs of meth contamination