Hiring Building Inspectors in Sydney

When getting a building report in Sydney, it’s important to hire experts for each type of inspection. For the initial building report, a licensed builder should handle the pre-purchase building inspection. Choosing an experienced and licensed builder will ensure you get helpful advice and accurate cost estimates for fixing any issues found.

Unfortunately, there are no specific mandatory qualifications for conducting building inspection reports in Sydney NSW. This means people from different backgrounds like truck drivers or hairdressers can legally do these inspections.

It’s recommended to thoroughly check and ask for the inspector’s license number assigned to your property. Make sure this license number belongs to one of the individuals doing the building inspection rather than being linked to the business owner.

Building inspector Sydney

Our team of building inspectors has undergone extensive training and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field of building inspections. With deep understanding of local regulations and building codes, our building inspectors are well-equipped to provide thorough and comprehensive inspections for any type of construction project.