Building Inspector Home Visits

What to expect during a home visit

Building inspections are a crucial part of buying or fixing up a property in Sydney, New South Wales. They involve a professional check of the property’s structure and systems, such as foundation, roof, walls, plumbing, and electrical, to identify any existing or potential issues that may need attention. This information helps buyers and homeowners make informed decisions about the property. Inspections also provide peace of mind by demonstrating that the property has been comprehensively examined.

Building inspections are a comprehensive check of the property’s inside and outside, covering the roof, walls, foundation, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. The inspector looks for damage or safety issues that could impact the property’s value. They use special tools to find hidden problems and check for code violations or safety hazards. Afterwards, they provide a detailed report outlining any issues found during the inspection and repair recommendations.

Building inspections are crucial when buying or renovating a property in Sydney, NSW as they help identify problems and provide peace of mind to buyers and homeowners. When choosing an inspector, consider their qualifications, reputation, cost, and professionalism to ensure a thorough inspection. Some minor defects may be mentioned collectively rather than individually in the report.

Choosing the right inspector

Qualifications and experience

Look for a building inspector with the right qualifications and lots of experience in building inspections.

Ensure they have all the necessary certifications, licenses, and a good track record of thorough inspections.


Check out online reviews or ask for references to learn about the building inspector’s reputation.

A good building inspector will have positive feedback and happily share previous client references.


Building inspections can vary in cost, so checking different prices is important. But don’t just go for the cheapest option, as they might not do as good a job.


Look for a building inspector who is friendly, helpful, and happy to answer all your questions. Also, make sure they can give you a detailed report of their findings.

Major Defect

If you ignore the defect, will it keep getting worse? If so, then it’s a major defect.

Minor Defect

A minor defect doesn’t matter and won’t get worse if left unrepaired.

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