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Termite Control

Owning a property involves conducting regular inspections; among these, termite inspections are particularly crucial. These inspections not only detect active termites but also identify conditions that attract them to your property. Australian Standards advise annual termite inspections, emphasizing the importance of early detection to prevent extensive damage.

Insurance and Termite Damage

In 6 months, certain termite species like coptotermes can consume ¾ of a house. Since insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, the Australian Standards advise having at least one yearly inspection to prevent homeowners’ economic loss due to compromised building integrity. Even if you have a new home, regular inspections are necessary. Physical termite barriers force termites to build mud tubes around them, making it easier for inspectors during annual checks and maintaining warranty guarantees against infestations. Failure to undergo these inspections will result in forfeiture and cancellation of the warranty.

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IPM for termite control is a holistic approach that considers the ecology and behavior of termites, using safer and more sustainable methods to manage their populations and prevent future infestations.

Annual Termite Inspections

It is important to conduct annual termite inspections for both new and existing properties to identify conditions that are favourable to their presence. These conducive conditions include water leaks from bathrooms or gutters, as termites often enter homes through these areas due to the moisture drawing them up from the soil. Keeping your home dry is essential for preventing termite infestations, especially in subfloors susceptible to termite activity when damp with water ingress from stormwater. Installing passive vents, improving subfloor ventilation, or redirecting stormwater away from the subfloor with a drainage system can help mitigate this risk.

Termites Solutions

Termites, also known as white ants, are extremely destructive in Australia. They cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and structures throughout Sydney and NSW every year. According to CSIRO, 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites within the economic life of the structure. Termites are found throughout NSW, often going undetected until damage is discovered by chance—a cost not typically covered by insurance.

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We come to your home in Termite Inspection. Our Termite Control Service is specifically designed to address the threat of termite infestations and protect your home from potential damage.

What Attracts Termites to Your Home?

The seasons are changing fast, and many summer insects seek shelter inside your home for warmth. This includes termites, which will soon search for a cozy spot to call their own. The most troubling part is that there might be items in your house that are already drawing these pests without you knowing it!

Termites are a serious concern and can cause significant damage to homes. With neighbouring houses being at risk, it’s important to take steps towards preventing these pests from infesting your home or determining if they have already taken up residence inside your walls.

Experts in Termite Inspections

If you’re dealing with termite issues, our Clear View Property Inspections team in Sydney is here to assist. As experts in termite inspections, we offer top-notch reports and treatments to safeguard your home. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to the threat of a termite invasion. In Australia, termites damage one in five homes and aren’t covered by home insurance.

Put your concerns behind you with our thorough termite inspections and effective control solutions. Let our team of pest technicians be your first resource for all things related to termites.

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Many things can be done to prevent termite ingress. For free advice or to arrange your termite inspection, call Clear View Property Inspections! With Clear View Property Inspections, you can ensure your property’s long-term protection and value through our comprehensive Termite Inspections Service.

As well as providing thorough termite inspections with detailed reports, we offer a range of treatment methods.

Termite Treatment Sydney is a fast and efficient 24-hour termite and pest control service in Sydney, NSW.