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New Home Building Inspection Bankstown

New Build and Construction Reports

New build inspections involve regular check-ups at specific points during your Bankstown home construction. These are scheduled by the homeowner to ensure that the builder complies with the National Construction Code, relevant Australian standards and maintains high-quality work.

New home builders may discourage these inspections by citing their own quality assurance processes and support from engineers and private certifiers. However, based on our experience, there’s often a lack of quality checks, as engineers rarely visit the site and private certifiers may have close ties with the builder. This conflict of interest can result in issues not being addressed due to concerns about losing contracts. Consider how many homes are involved and the financial stakes for these parties.

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Young couple entering their new property build

In July 2020, the Bankstown and NSW area enforced a rule change that the builder must allow homeowners to use their Private certifiers. This Law was introduced due to the conflict of interest between private certifiers and the builder, but as always, the builders found a way to manipulate the rules and have been asking their clients to sign a waiver that allows them to use their own private certifier! If you have been asked to sign a waiver, don’t! Do some research and find a quality private certifier with great reviews that will ensure the build is where it should be!

New Build Inspection Stages

Firstly, don’t wait until the last minute! Find an inspector in Bankstown you can trust and engage them immediately before the builder starts work. It’s important the inspector is ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Full Construction Drawings

To meet our commitment to thorough inspections, we depend on a detailed visual inspection process carried out by our skilled team. They are tasked with drawing the front, top, and side views of the product and adding dimensions, as is commonly done in engineering. This careful approach is crucial for making sure that every important building component is thoroughly examined and included in our Detailed Building Analyses.

Engineers Drawings

We also make use of engineers’ drawings alongside construction drawings to improve the precision and completeness of our inspections. These detailed representations of the building’s design help our inspectors spot any possible problems or differences from the original plans.

Framing Drawings

These are provided by the frame and truss company the builder engages which will have all tie downs, strap bracing and sheet bracing details and full installation guidelines for the framing of the home.

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Frame inspection and pre slab building inspection

If construction drawings don’t have all the necessary details, a site visit becomes necessary. Our inspectors are trained to carry out meticulous inspections of structures, measuring critical building components and documenting all relevant information to guarantee the accuracy and trustworthiness of our reports.

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Experienced Builder and Inspector

Using an experienced builder and inspector helps find even the trickiest defects or potential problems. It’s not just about spotting the current issues, but also foreseeing future problems if certain repairs aren’t done. Homeowners often fix and conceal defects before selling their property, but these surface again a few months after you’ve bought it because the underlying issues weren’t really addressed. Having an inspector who can see past any cover-ups is crucial as sellers are getting more adept at hiding defects.

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A building inspector completing pre-lining report

Checking plumbing and other services installed correctly as part of a building inspection report

We take pride in carefully examining homes and having a strong grasp of building principles. If something doesn’t look quite right, Robert will definitely let you know. We can also give rough estimates for repairs and offer guidance on resolving issues, and sometimes we even have connections to skilled tradespeople who can assist you.

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A building inspection report

Professional report created so your builder can see what needs to be rectified

Comprehensive Reports

A comprehensive building report before buying can help you save a lot of money in negotiations or from purchasing a property with serious issues that may end up costing you a significant amount for repairs. After the inspection, the inspector will give you a detailed written report containing all the information gathered during the inspection. This report will provide insight into the condition of the house and highlight any issues that should be dealt with before making an offer on it.

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Building inspector onsite at a residential property

When building a new home, a comprehensive multistage report is your insurance against defects

Bankstown Building Inspection Services

We conduct various building inspections in Bankstown. Purchasing a property is a significant and expensive investment. No matter where you are in life, you never want to find yourself constantly regretting your decision when you go to sleep at night. Life is already tough as it is, and we don’t need more stress and worries. As you grow older, simplicity and peace of mind become even more important.

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Our pre-purchase building inspection service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the property you are considering to purchase. Our team of experienced and qualified building inspectors will thoroughly examine the structural integrity, electrical and plumbing systems, roofing, and any potential pest issues.

Termite & Pest Building Inspection

Our termite and pest building inspection service is essential for identifying any existing or potential pest infestations in the property. Our thorough examination includes an assessment of the presence of termites, as well as other common pests such as rodents or wood-boring insects.

Pool Inspection & Certification

Ensure the safety and compliance of your pool with our pool inspection and certification service.

Dilapidation Inspection

Our dilapidation inspection service is essential for both property owners and neighbors in the vicinity of construction sites. By thoroughly assessing the condition of buildings and structures, we can determine any pre-existing damage and mitigate potential disputes that may arise during construction.

Bankstown multi stage building inspection report

Servicing homes locally in Bankstown

Sample New Build Bankstown Reports

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Most new home builders try to avoid these inspections because they reveal a lot of issues and mean extra work for the builder to fix. They may even go as far as refusing to provide plans or not informing you when the inspector can come. It’s common for builders to agree to notify you but then pour the slab without any notice, which is a typical way many builders evade inspections. Make sure to stay on top of the construction process, and if you haven’t signed contracts yet, include a requirement for access to all drawings for third-party inspections in your contract.

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