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Local Building Inspection in Sydney

Inspecting a local property in Sydney

The building inspection market in Sydney, Australia, is growing due to the booming real estate market and ongoing urban redevelopment projects. The influx of capital and immigration has led to sustained economic growth and increased demand for thorough inspections of residential and commercial properties.

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Local Sydney Building Inspection Services

We complete several types of building inspections locally in Sydney.

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

This inspection is done before a property is purchased. It identifies any existing or potential issues that might not be visible to the untrained eye, such as structural defects, pest infestations, and moisture-related problems.

Pre-Sale Building Inspection

Like a pre-purchase inspection, property sellers conduct this inspection to address issues before listing their property for sale, ensuring transparency and potentially enhancing its marketability.

New Construction Inspection

These inspections occur during construction to monitor compliance with building codes and standards, ensuring that the property is built safely and to a satisfactory standard.

Dilapidation Inspection

This type of inspection is often carried out before construction or development occurs on adjacent properties to assess and document the condition of neighbouring properties. It helps prevent disputes by providing a baseline for any potential damage claims.

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At Clear View Property Inspections, we understand the importance of comprehensive building inspections in the local Sydney market. Our team of highly trained and experienced inspectors is committed to conducting thorough inspections, providing detailed reports, and offering expert advice to our clients.

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction at Clear View Property Inspections. We offer competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and exceptional customer service to ensure that you have a stress-free experience from start to finish. We are also happy to answer any questions about the inspection process or the report. Don’t leave your property investment to chance. Contact Clear View Property Inspections today to schedule your comprehensive building and pest inspection in Sydney. Let us help you make an informed decision and give you peace of mind about your investment.

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We come to your home in Sydney

We’ve worked hard to provide our customers with a top-notch home inspection experience in Sydney. It’s important to work closely with your home inspector for the best outcome. Our process includes a detailed review of your property’s interior and exterior, covering roofing, inclusions, gutters, concrete details, voids, gas systems, paintwork, heating and cooling systems.

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Clear View Property Inspections are fully licensed Builders and Fully licensed and experienced pest management technicians. We can also help with trades and estimates on repairs, plus treatment of active termites and prevention services anywhere in Sydney.

Building Inspection Local Sydney Service

Our Local Sydney building inspection services benefit:

  • First time home buyers

  • Experienced property owners

  • Property investors

  • Commercial buyers

  • Builders and contractors

  • Body corporates

  • Building managers

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At Clear View, we offer peace of mind with our local Sydney building inspection services. We are the most trustworthy local building inspection company in Sydney. Investors need to inspect the property they wish to invest in to ensure that it is suitable for investment purposes. The inspection should include an assessment of the structure and foundation of the building, as well as an examination of the building’s roof, plumbing, electrical systems and fire safety arrangements. It is also important to look for defects that could cause problems if the property is being prepared as a rental. An inspection can also be useful in determining the property’s age and whether important repairs should be undertaken.

Layout of a Property Inspection Report

Executive Summary

To give a brief summary of the property’s condition and any significant findings from the inspection. This should cover major issues or safety concerns.

Property Details

This section should include details such as the property address, age, type of construction, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any unique features or additions to the property.

Inspection Scope and Limitations

To outline the scope of the inspection and any limitations that may have affected the ability to assess the property fully. This section should provide an overview of the inspection process and any inaccessible or not inspected areas due to safety concerns or other limitations.

Building Interior

This section should contain specific details about any problems or issues identified in each interior area.

Building Exterior

This section should include specific details about any problems or issues identified in each area of the exterior, such as damaged roof components and cracks in windows or foundation.

Subfloor and Roof Space

To evaluate the subfloor and roof space condition, including structural elements, insulation, and ventilation.

Site and Grounds

Specific details about any problems or issues identified in each area, like cracked concrete, uneven paving stones, or damage to retaining walls.

Other Systems and Components

Evaluate other systems or components that could impact the condition of the property, including pools, spas, and sprinkler systems.


Offer suggestions for addressing any issues or concerns uncovered during the inspection.

Local Sydney Building Inspection Services

In Sydney, due to the rapid growth in new housing supply and the rise of apartment developments closer to the CBD, some common building inspection issues are often identified. These include potential structural weaknesses due to fast construction practices and cost-saving measures with the increase in apartment developments. Additionally, plumbing and electrical issues such as leaky pipes and faulty wiring are frequently uncovered during inspections. Residential construction may also exhibit defects related to poor workmanship, substandard materials, and insufficient attention to detail.

Residential Market

Despite the increasing demand for building inspection services in the Sydney residential market, there are concerns about an oversupply of housing leading to high vacancy rates. This mostly affects higher-end properties, while driving the demand for inspections focused on space and amenities.

Our Local Sydney building inspection services include:

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

  • Pest and Termite Inspections

  • Pool Barrier Certifications

  • New Build Inspections

Latest update

Last month Sydney CBD, NSW 2000 had 10 properties available for rent and 38 properties for sale—median property prices over the last year range from $2,870,000 for houses to $1,070,000 for units. If you are looking for an investment property, consider units in Sydney rented out for $650 PW with an annual rental yield of 3.4%. Based on five years of sales, Sydney has seen a compound growth rate of -0.2% for houses and 10.3% for units. Local Sydney building inspections include The Rocks, Millers Point, Dawes Point, Barangaroo, Wynyard, Pyrmont, Woolloomooloo, Haymarket, Surry Hills, Chippendale, Ultimo, Glebe, Redfern, Alexandria, Woollahra, Elizabeth Bay, and Potts Point. Clear View Property Inspections can help you with your next building inspection in Sydney.