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Building Inspection Springwood

Inspecting a home and building a property in Springwood

Springwood, Sydney, NSW is a beautiful suburb known for its lush greenery and suburban charm. However, like any other area, there are common building inspection issues that homeowners and property buyers should be aware of. Some common building inspection issues in Springwood, Sydney, NSW include:

  1. Foundation problems: Due to the hilly terrain in Springwood, foundation issues such as cracks, uneven floors, and water seepage may be prevalent in some properties.
  2. Roof damage: The frequent rain and harsh weather conditions in Springwood can cause roof damage, including missing or broken tiles, leaks, and inadequate waterproof sealing.
  3. Pest infestations: Due to the abundance of trees and vegetation in Springwood, pest infestations, particularly termites, can be a significant concern for property owners.
  4. Plumbing issues: Older properties in Springwood may have plumbing issues such as leaks, pipe corrosion, and inadequate water pressure.

Springwood Building Inspection Services

Several types of building inspections are commonly conducted in the suburb of Springwood.

a. Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: This inspection is done before a property is purchased. It identifies any existing or potential issues that might not be visible to the untrained eye, such as structural defects, pest infestations, and moisture-related problems.

b. Pre-Sale Building Inspection: Similar to a pre-purchase inspection, property sellers conduct this type of inspection to address issues before listing their property for sale, ensuring transparency and potentially enhancing the property’s marketability.

c. New Construction Inspection: These inspections occur during construction to monitor compliance with building codes and standards, ensuring that the property is built safely and to a satisfactory standard.

d. Dilapidation Inspection: This type of inspection is often carried out before construction or development occurs on adjacent properties to assess and document the condition of neighbouring properties. It helps prevent disputes by providing a baseline for any potential damage claims.

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There is a mixture of newer-style slab-on-ground homes and older-style subfloor homes. Our recent inspections have found active termites and termite damage in many properties. It’s essential to have annual termite inspections and a termite barrier to protect the property.

Springwood suburb located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, approximately 70 kilometres west of Sydney. Here is a detailed overview of the demographics, social, and economic characteristics of Springwood.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the estimated resident population of Springwood in 2021 was approximately 9,285. The median age of residents in Springwood is 41 years, which is slightly higher than the national median of 38 years. The majority of residents in Springwood were born in Australia, followed by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other European countries. The most common ancestries in Springwood are English, Australian, Irish, and Scottish.


Springwood has a strong sense of community, with many community organizations, groups, and events throughout the year. The Springwood Community Hub is a central meeting place for residents, hosting various activities and events, including community markets, exhibitions, and concerts. The suburb also has several schools, churches, and community centres, providing residents a range of services and activities.


Springwood has a diverse local economy, with several small and medium-sized businesses in the area. The retail sector is the largest employer, with several supermarkets, specialty shops, and cafes in the town centre. The suburb also has several professional services, including legal, accounting, and consulting firms. The tourism industry is also an important part of the local economy, with many visitors attracted to the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Housing: Springwood has many housing options, including standalone houses, townhouses, and apartments. The suburb’s housing stock is predominantly owner-occupied, with approximately 71% of properties owned outright or with a mortgage. The median house price in Springwood is $718,000, which is higher than the national median of $671,000.

Overall, Springwood is a diverse and vibrant suburb with a strong sense of community. The area’s natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and proximity to Sydney make it a desirable place to live. The local economy is diverse, and the housing market is relatively stable.

Sloping Blocks: Many properties in Springwood are built on sloping blocks of land, which can pose issues such as soil erosion, unstable foundations, and drainage problems. It is important to check the property's drainage system and the stability of the foundation before purchasing.

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At Clear View Property Inspections, we will provide you with a detailed building inspection with an easy-to-read report which will identify all major and minor defects. We will use the latest technology equipment like our equipment below. Termatrac T3i (identify termites in-between walls with the latest sound waves technology).

Weather-related issues: Springwood is known for its weather-related issues such as landslides, flooding, and stormwater drainage problems. Properties in Springwood should be inspected for evidence of water damage, such as dampness, mould or water stains on walls, ceilings or floors.

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Clear View Property Inspections are fully licensed Builders and Fully licensed and experienced pest management technicians, meaning we can also help with trades and estimates on repairs plus treatment of active termites and prevention services to keep your home safe.

Termite Damage: The Blue Mountains region is known to have a significant termite problem, and properties in Springwood may be at risk of termite damage. It is important to have a pest inspection carried out before purchasing a property to ensure that there is no evidence of termite damage.

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Building Inspection Springwood

Our Springwood building inspection services benefit:

  • First time home buyers
  • Experienced property owners
  • Property investors
  • Commercial buyers
  • Builders and contractors
  • Body corporates
  • Building managers
Building and safety regulations: When inspecting a property in Springwood, it is important to ensure that the building meets all safety regulations and has all the necessary permits and approvals. This includes checking for things like smoke alarms, safety switches, and building codes compliance.

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At Clear View, we offer peace of mind with our Springwood building inspection services. We can do it all with a friendly smile. We are the most trustworthy building inspection company in Springwood.

Springwood Building Inspection Services

Our Springwood building inspection services include:

We’re independent of the buying and selling process or building process, which means we offer a true third-party inspection to ensure your home is safe and that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for – nothing less.

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Springwood Building Inspection Market Report

Homeowners and real estate investors betting on SPRINGWOOD, 2777 can rest assured about this NSW suburb’s performance. The suburb saw median home prices rise by 24.65%. A steady increase in median property prices over a five-year period in the suburb translates to a 30.15% capital gain. Property investors in SPRINGWOOD enjoyed capital gains of 24.65% over the last 12 months, translating to lower returns than its peers in the territory. The suburb also delivered a stronger performance in contrast to other Australian suburbs in terms of appreciation of property value. Investors saw the median home price rise to $885,000. There were profits due to an upward trend in home prices, which averaged 10.05% per annum over 3 years. Homeowners selling their properties and realtors in SPRINGWOOD usually have to wait an average of 26.0 days before their assets are lifted off the market. Average weekly rents on listings have reached the $500 mark, reflecting a 2.94% return increase based on the current median price in SPRINGWOOD. SPRINGWOOD, 2777 places 915th in Australia based on median property value growth during the quarter.


Springwood is a suburb located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia, approximately 70 kilometres west of Sydney. Here is a detailed overview of the major infrastructure in Springwood.

Transportation: Springwood is accessible via the Great Western Highway, which runs through the suburb’s centre. The Blue Mountains railway line also passes through Springwood, with trains running between Sydney and Lithgow. The Springwood train station is located in the suburb’s heart, making it a convenient transport hub for locals and visitors alike. Several local bus routes also serve the suburb.

Education: Springwood has several educational institutions, including public and private schools. Springwood Public School and Springwood High School are the two main schools in the area, providing education for primary and secondary students, respectively. There are also several pre-schools and child-care centres in the suburb.

Healthcare: Springwood has several medical facilities, including doctors’ clinics, a community health centre, and a private hospital. The Springwood Hospital is a 31-bed facility that provides a range of medical and surgical services to patients. The hospital also has an emergency department that operates 24/7.

Recreation and entertainment: Springwood has several parks and reserves, including the Blue Mountains National Park and the Springwood Conservation Area. The area is also popular with bushwalkers and hikers, with several trails and paths in the surrounding mountains. The town centre has several restaurants, cafes, and shops, providing plenty of options for locals and visitors alike.

Infrastructure: Springwood has several essential infrastructure facilities, including a post office, a police station, a library, and a community centre. The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre is located in Springwood, providing the community with art exhibitions, workshops, and events. The suburb also has several sporting facilities, including a public swimming pool, tennis courts, and a golf course.

Springwood has a range of essential infrastructure facilities, including transportation, education, healthcare, and recreational facilities. The suburb’s location in the Blue Mountains provides a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy nature, bushwalks, and outdoor activities. Overall, Springwood is a thriving community with essential services and natural beauty.

Things to do

Springwood is a beautiful and peaceful suburb located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, approximately 70 kilometres west of Sydney. Here are some of the things to do in Springwood:

  1. Explore the Blue Mountains National Park: The Blue Mountains National Park is a World Heritage site and one of Australia’s most beautiful natural attractions. The park is home to stunning natural scenery, including waterfalls, canyons, and rock formations. You can explore the park on foot, by car, or by bike, with several trails and paths.
  2. Visit the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum: The Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum is a unique cultural attraction in Springwood. The museum is dedicated to the life and work of Norman Lindsay, an Australian artist, writer, and cartoonist. The museum displays a range of Lindsay’s artworks, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.
  3. Enjoy a picnic in one of the parks: Springwood has several parks and reserves, including the Springwood Conservation Area and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. These parks are perfect for a picnic or relaxing with family and friends. The parks offer beautiful natural scenery, BBQ facilities, and playgrounds for children.
  4. Take a scenic drive: Springwood is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, and there are several scenic drives that you can take to explore the area. The Great Western Highway passes through Springwood, and there are several side roads that lead to stunning lookout points and natural attractions.
  5. Enjoy a coffee or a meal in one of the local cafes or restaurants: Springwood has several cafes and restaurants offering various cuisines, from modern Australian to Asian and European. You can enjoy a coffee or a meal while taking in the beautiful surroundings and soaking up the relaxed atmosphere.
  6. Go bushwalking: Springwood is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, and there are several bushwalking trails that you can take to explore the area. These trails range from easy to challenging and offer stunning views of the natural surroundings.
  7. Visit the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre: The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre is a cultural attraction in Springwood. The centre offers a range of exhibitions, workshops, and events throughout the year, showcasing the work of local and national artists.

Springwood offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors and locals alike. From exploring the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains to enjoying a coffee or a meal in one of the local cafes or restaurants, there is something for everyone in Springwood.

Springwood Property Inspection Market Development

Here are some of the development trends in Springwood:

  1. Residential development: Springwood has experienced steady residential development over the past few decades, with several new housing estates and apartment complexes being built in and around the suburb. The development has mostly focused on increasing the supply of affordable housing for families, with a mix of standalone houses, townhouses, and apartments.
  2. Commercial development: Springwood has also experienced commercial development in recent years, with several new retail and commercial spaces being built in the town centre. These developments have focused on providing additional services and amenities for residents, such as supermarkets, cafes, and medical centres.
  3. Infrastructure development: The local government has invested in improving infrastructure in Springwood, including upgrades to roads, footpaths, and public transport. The Springwood train station has undergone significant upgrades in recent years, with new parking facilities and improved accessibility for commuters.
  4. Sustainability: There has been a growing focus on sustainability and environmental protection in Springwood, with several initiatives aimed at reducing the suburb’s carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy. The Blue Mountains City Council has launched several sustainability programs, including the Sustainable Living in the Mountains program, which provides residents with information and resources to reduce their environmental impact.
  5. Cultural development: Springwood has a strong cultural identity, and there has been a focus on promoting cultural development in recent years. The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, located in Springwood, hosts a range of exhibitions, workshops, and events throughout the year, showcasing the work of local and national artists. Several community organizations and groups also promote cultural activities and events.

Springwood has experienced steady development over the past few decades, with a focus on increasing the supply of affordable housing, improving infrastructure, and promoting sustainability and cultural development. The suburb’s natural beauty and proximity to Sydney have made it an attractive location for residents and investors alike.

The real estate market in Springwood has seen steady growth over the past few years, with increasing demand for property in the area. Springwood’s beautiful natural surroundings, proximity to Sydney, and affordable housing options have made it attractive for homebuyers and investors.

According to, the median house price in Springwood as of February 2023 is $775,000, and the median unit price is $450,000. The suburb has seen consistent growth in property values over the past decade, with the median house price increasing by around 50% since 2012.

The demand for property in Springwood is driven by several factors, including its location in the Blue Mountains region, natural beauty and access to outdoor activities, and relatively affordable housing options compared to Sydney. Many residents are drawn to the area for its relaxed lifestyle and slower pace of life while still having easy access to Sydney for work or leisure.

The real estate market in Springwood is relatively stable, with a mix of owner-occupied homes and investment properties. A range of housing options are available in the suburb, from standalone houses to townhouses and apartments, catering to various budgets and lifestyles.

Overall, the real estate market in Springwood is experiencing steady growth and is likely to continue to be an attractive location for homebuyers and investors in the coming years.

Construction Projects

Here are some of the major construction projects in Springwood:

  1. Springwood Town Centre: The Springwood Town Centre is a major construction project that aims to revitalise the town centre, providing new retail, commercial, and community spaces for residents. The project includes the construction of a new town square, improved pedestrian and cycling paths, and upgrades to parking and public transport facilities.
  2. Springwood Heights Residential Estate: The Springwood Heights Residential Estate is a new housing development located on Hawkesbury Road in Springwood. The estate comprises of 38 residential lots ranging from 700 to 1,000 square meters, with construction completed in 2022.
  3. Great Western Highway Upgrade: The Great Western Highway Upgrade is a significant road construction project that aims to improve safety and traffic flow along the highway through Springwood. The project includes the construction of additional lanes, new bridges, and upgrades to intersections and pedestrian crossings.
  4. Springwood Hospital Redevelopment: The Springwood Hospital Redevelopment is a major construction project that aims to upgrade and modernise the hospital’s facilities. The project includes the construction of a new community health centre, an expanded emergency department, and upgrades to the hospital’s mental health and rehabilitation services.
  5. Springwood Sports Centre: The Springwood Sports Centre is a new multi-sport facility located on Homedale Street in Springwood. The facility includes a basketball court, indoor soccer field, netball courts, gym, and cafe.

Overall, Springwood has seen several significant construction projects in recent years, aimed at improving the suburb’s infrastructure and providing new facilities for residents. These projects have been driven by increasing demand for housing and services in the area and the local government’s commitment to improving the suburb’s liveability and sustainability.

Commercial offices in Springwood

As previously mentioned, there is no Springwood suburb in Sydney, NSW. However, a Springwood suburb is located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, approximately 70 kilometres west of Sydney. While some commercial offices exist in Springwood, it is primarily a residential area with no large commercial district. Here are some of the major commercial offices in Springwood:

  1. Springwood Tower: Springwood Tower is a commercial office building located on Springwood Avenue. It offers a range of office spaces for lease, with features such as high-speed internet, on-site parking, and 24-hour access.
  2. Springwood Business Centre: Springwood Business Centre is a modern commercial office building on Raymond Road. It offers flexible office spaces for small and medium-sized businesses, with features such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a reception area.
  3. Blue Mountains Business Hub: The Blue Mountains Business Hub is a co-working space on Macquarie Road near Springwood Village. It offers a range of flexible office solutions, including private offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, networking events, and business support services.
  4. Hazelbrook Business Centre: The Hazelbrook Business Centre is a commercial office building near Hazelbrook. It offers a range of office spaces for lease, with features such as high-speed internet, on-site parking, and a reception area.

While Springwood has some commercial offices, it is primarily a residential area with no large commercial district. Many residents commute to nearby suburbs such as Penrith or the Sydney CBD for work, with more significant commercial office spaces.

Latest update

Last month Springwood had 21 properties available for rent and 23 properties for sale—median property prices over the last year range from $930,000 for houses to $656,800 for units. If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Springwood rented out for $530 PW with an annual rental yield of 3.3% and units rented for $385 PW with a rental yield of 3.8%. Based on five years of sales, Springwood has seen a compound growth rate of 27.7% for houses and 31.4% for units. Suburbs next to Springwood that have similar demographic and Building issues are Faulconbridge, Valley Heights, and Warrimoo. Clear View Property inspections can help you with your next building inspection and report.