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Welcome to Clear View Property Inspections – your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and quality of your property investment. At Clear View Property Inspections, we understand the importance of thorough building inspections in Richmond, Sydney. Our experienced team of qualified building inspectors is dedicated to providing comprehensive inspections that give you a clear view of the condition of your property. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering accurate and reliable inspection reports. When it comes to the safety and condition of your property, you can trust Clear View Property Inspections to provide you with a thorough and reliable assessment.

Richmond is a beautiful area surrounded by parks and trees. Looking to buy or sell a property in Richmond, Sydney, NSW? Do you want to ensure the property is safe and structurally sound? Look no further than Clear View Property Inspections, Richmond’s leading building inspection company. 

Richmond Building Inspection Services

Several types of building inspections are commonly conducted in the suburb of Richmond:

a. Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: This inspection is done before a property is purchased. It identifies any existing or potential issues that might not be visible to the untrained eye, such as structural defects, pest infestations, and moisture-related problems.

b. Pre-Sale Building Inspection: Similar to a pre-purchase inspection, property sellers conduct this type of inspection to address issues before listing their property for sale, ensuring transparency and potentially enhancing the property’s marketability.

c. New Construction Inspection: These inspections occur during construction to monitor compliance with building codes and standards, ensuring that the property is built safely and to a satisfactory standard.

d. Dilapidation Inspection: This type of inspection is often carried out before construction or development occurs on adjacent properties to assess and document the condition of neighbouring properties. It helps prevent disputes by providing a baseline for any potential damage claims.

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Our building inspection Richmond services cover all areas of the property, including the foundation, roof, walls, electrical and plumbing systems, and any other potential areas of concern. We use the latest tools and equipment to ensure accurate and comprehensive inspections. At Clear View Property Inspections, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with detailed reports outlining any issues or potential problems we find during our inspections. Our reports are easy to read, and we take the time to explain any technical terms or industry jargon to our clients.

There is a mixture of newer-style slab-on-ground homes and older-style subfloor homes. Our recent inspections have found active termites and termite damage in many properties. It’s essential to have annual termite inspections and a termite barrier to protect the property. Many areas of Richmond and surrounding suburbs can suffer from flooding. Inspecting the home for wood rot and potential flooding damage is important.

Richmond is a suburb located in the outer western part of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is approximately 55 km west of the Sydney Central Business District and part of the Hawkesbury local government area. Here are some details about the demographics, social, and economic aspects of Richmond:


  • According to the 2016 Census, the population of Richmond was 5,482, and it has increased since then.
  • The median age in Richmond is 35 years, which is slightly younger than the national average of 38 years.
  • The most common ancestries reported in Richmond are Australian (32.1%), English (29.7%), and Irish (8.8%).
  • The majority of the population in Richmond speaks English at home (89.6%), while other languages spoken include Arabic, Hindi, and Chinese.


  • Richmond is a diverse suburb with a mix of young families, professionals, and retirees.
  • It is a family-friendly suburb with plenty of parks, playgrounds, and sporting facilities.
  • The suburb has a strong sense of community, and several community events and festivals are held throughout the year, such as the Hawkesbury Show.


  • The median household income in Richmond is $1,514 per week, which is higher than the national median of $1,438 per week.
  • The main industries in Richmond are retail, construction, and health care and social assistance.
  • The unemployment rate in Richmond is lower than the national average, and the workforce is predominantly employed in full-time roles.
  • The area has several major employers, including the Hawkesbury District Health Service, Richmond TAFE, and the Department of Defence.

Richmond is a diverse and family-friendly suburb with a strong community sense. The suburb has a mix of young families, professionals, and retirees and has a relatively high median household income. The main industries in the area are retail, construction, and health care and social assistance, and there are several major employers in the area.

Asbestos: Many older properties in Richmond may contain asbestos, which can pose serious health risks if not handled properly. During property inspections, it is important to identify any asbestos-containing materials and assess their condition to ensure they are not a risk to occupants.

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At Clear View Property Inspections, we will provide you with a detailed building inspection with an easy-to-read report which will identify all major and minor defects. We will use the latest technology equipment like our equipment below. Termatrac T3i (identify termites in-between walls with the latest sound waves technology).

Termites: Termites are a common problem in the Hawkesbury region, and properties in Richmond are no exception. A thorough inspection should be conducted to identify any signs of termite damage or infestation, as this can lead to costly repairs and structural issues.

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Clear View Property Inspections are fully licensed Builders and Fully licensed and experienced pest management technicians meaning we can also help with trades and estimates on repairs plus treatment of active termites and prevention services to keep your home safe.

Bushfire risk: The Blue Mountains National Park, which borders Richmond, is a high-risk bushfire area. Properties located in bushfire-prone areas may be subject to increased insurance costs and may require specific building modifications to reduce the risk of damage during a bushfire.

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Building Inspection Richmond

Our Richmond building inspection services benefit:

  • First time home buyers
  • Experienced property owners
  • Property investors
  • Commercial buyers
  • Builders and contractors
  • Body corporates
  • Building managers
Building defects: Like any other area, properties in Richmond may have building defects that need to be identified during inspections. These defects could range from minor issues such as peeling paint to more serious concerns such as structural damage.

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At Clear View, we offer peace of mind with our Richmond building inspection services. We can do it all with a friendly smile. We are the most trustworthy building inspection company in Richmond.

Richmond Building Inspection Services

Our Richmond building inspection services include:

We’re independent of the buying and selling process or building process which means we offer a true third-party inspection to ensure your home is safe and that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for – nothing less. We understand that our clients may be working within a tight timeframe, which is why we offer fast and efficient inspection services. We can typically provide a report within 24 hours of the inspection so our clients can make informed decisions about their property purchase or sale as quickly as possible. Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety and integrity of your property. Contact Clear View Property Inspections today to schedule your building inspection in Richmond, Sydney, NSW. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the peace of mind you need to make the best decision for your property investment.

Environmental concerns: The land around Richmond is known for its fertile agricultural land and natural beauty. As such, it is important to consider any environmental concerns during property inspections, such as the presence of hazardous waste or other contaminants on the property.

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Richmond Building Inspection Market Report

When it comes to property inspections in Richmond, NSW, there are several common issues that our team at Clear View Property Inspections is well-equipped to assess and address. Some of the common building inspection issues in Richmond, NSW include:

  1. Structural defects: Our team will carefully inspect the foundation, walls, roof, and other structural components of your property to identify any potential issues that may compromise its stability and safety.
  2. Plumbing and electrical systems: Our inspectors will thoroughly examine the plumbing and electrical systems in your property to ensure they are up to code and functioning properly.
  3. Pest infestations: Richmond, NSW is known to have issues with pests such as termites, rodents, and ants. Our building inspectors are trained to identify any signs of pest infestations and provide recommendations for appropriate treatment and prevention methods.
  4. Moisture and water damage: The humid climate in Richmond, NSW can often lead to moisture-related issues such as mould growth and water damage.

A steady increase in median property prices over five years in the suburb translates to a 15.28% capital gain. It also delivered a weaker performance in contrast to other Australian suburbs in terms of appreciation of property value. Investors saw the median home price rise to $830,000. The augmented property values in the suburb are trailing behind the territorial average of 23.63% in 2016. On the other hand, based on current median home prices for the suburb, Real estate investors could earn a rental income of $480. Homeowners selling their properties and realtors in RICHMOND usually have to wait an average of 68.5 days days before their assets are lifted off the market. The NSW suburb ranks 520th on the list of best yielding suburbs for rental properties in NSW, posting a 3.01% return. It also places 526th in Australia based on median property value growth during the quarter.

Richmond is a suburb in the Hawkesbury region of New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes. The land around Richmond is a mixture of agricultural land, bushland, and residential areas, each with its unique features and characteristics. One of the most striking features of the land around Richmond is the Hawkesbury River. The river winds its way through the region, providing a lifeline for farmers and a recreational hub for locals and tourists alike. The river is home to a range of aquatic life, including fish, birds, and other wildlife, and provides an important water source for irrigation and other purposes.

In addition to the river, the land around Richmond is characterized by fertile agricultural land. The area is known for its orchards, vineyards, and farms, producing a range of fruits, vegetables, and other crops. The land is particularly well-suited to growing apples, with many of the local orchards producing high-quality apples for export and domestic consumption. Beyond the agricultural land, the land around Richmond is also home to a range of bushland and natural areas. The Blue Mountains National Park is located just to the west of Richmond, providing a stunning backdrop of rugged mountains and sweeping valleys. The park is home to a range of flora and fauna, including eucalypt forests, waterfalls, and native animals such as kangaroos and wallabies.

Finally, the land around Richmond is also home to many residential areas. The town of Richmond has a mix of older-style homes and more modern developments, while the surrounding areas feature larger properties and smaller rural holdings. Many of these properties offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, with sweeping vistas of the Hawkesbury River and the Blue Mountains in the distance. The land around Richmond is a diverse and beautiful area characterized by agricultural land, bushland, and residential areas. The Hawkesbury River and Blue Mountains provide stunning natural features, while the fertile agricultural land produces a range of high-quality crops. With its mix of natural beauty and modern amenities, Richmond is a popular destination for tourists and a sought-after location for residents.


Richmond is a suburb located in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, and it has a range of infrastructure to support its residents and visitors. Here are some of the major infrastructure projects and facilities in Richmond:

  1. Transport infrastructure: Richmond is well connected to other parts of Sydney by road, rail, and bus services. The Richmond railway station provides access to the Western line of the Sydney Trains network, and there are frequent train services to the Sydney CBD and other major destinations. The suburb is also connected to the M7 motorway and other major roads, making it easy to travel to other parts of Sydney.
  2. Health infrastructure: The Hawkesbury District Health Service is located in Richmond and provides a range of health services to the local community. This includes emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services, specialist clinics, and programs. The health service is supported by a range of other health professionals, including GPs, specialists, and allied health professionals.
  3. Education infrastructure: Richmond has several schools, including primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. Some of the schools in the area include Richmond High School, Richmond Public School, and St Monica’s Primary School. Richmond TAFE is also located in the suburb and offers a range of vocational courses and programs.
  4. Sports and recreation infrastructure: Richmond has a range of sporting facilities, including parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. Richmond Park is a popular suburb park with a playground, picnic areas, and sporting fields. The Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium is also located in the area and provides indoor sports facilities, including basketball courts, netball courts, and a gym.
  5. Commercial and retail infrastructure: Richmond has a range of shops, restaurants, and cafes to cater to its residents and visitors. The Richmond Marketplace is a major shopping centre in the suburb that features a range of retail outlets, including supermarkets, fashion stores, and specialty stores. There are also several other shopping centres and commercial precincts in the area.

Richmond has a range of infrastructure projects and facilities to support its residents and visitors. These include transport, health, education, sports and recreation, and commercial and retail infrastructure. The suburb is well connected to other parts of Sydney and has a range of services and facilities to cater to the needs of its diverse community.

Things to do

Richmond is a suburb located in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, and it offers a range of things to do and see for visitors and residents alike. Here are some of the popular things to do in Richmond:

  1. Visit the Richmond Park: Richmond Park is a popular park located in the heart of the suburb. It features a range of facilities, including a playground, picnic areas, and sporting fields. The park is a great place to relax, have a picnic, or enjoy a game of sport.
  2. Explore the Hawkesbury River: The Hawkesbury River is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and water sports. Visitors can hire a boat or take a scenic cruise to explore the river and its surrounding areas.
  3. Visit the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery: The Hawkesbury Regional Gallery is located in Richmond and showcases a range of art exhibitions and events throughout the year. The gallery features works from local and international artists and offers a range of workshops and programs for visitors of all ages.
  4. Explore historic sites: Richmond has a rich history and is home to several historic sites and buildings. The Richmond Court House, built in 1823, is one of the oldest public buildings in Australia and is now a museum. Other historic sites in the area include the St John’s Church and Cemetery and the Richmond School of Arts.
  5. Visit the Richmond Good Food Market: The Richmond Good Food Market is held every Saturday and offers a range of fresh produce, artisanal foods, and handmade goods. The market is a great place to stock up on local produce and try some delicious food.
  6. Enjoy local wines: The Hawkesbury region is home to several vineyards and wineries, and visitors can take a tour of the local wineries and sample some of the region’s best wines.

In summary, Richmond offers a range of things to do and see, including visiting the Richmond Park, exploring the Hawkesbury River, visiting the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, exploring historic sites, visiting the Richmond Good Food Market, and enjoying local wines.

Richmond Property Inspection Market Development

Richmond has been experiencing a steady growth in population and development over the years. Here are some of the development trends in Richmond:

  1. Population growth: The population of Richmond has been growing steadily over the past decade. According to the 2016 census, the population of Richmond was 5,273, and it is projected to reach 6,000 by 2026.
  2. Residential developments: There has been an increase in residential developments in Richmond, particularly in the form of new housing estates. These developments include detached and semi-detached houses, apartments, and townhouses.
  3. Infrastructure upgrades: Richmond has also been experiencing infrastructure upgrades, particularly in the areas of transport and healthcare. The NSW government has announced plans to upgrade the Richmond train station and construct the new Hawkesbury Hospital in the area.
  4. Commercial developments: Richmond is also experiencing growth in commercial developments, particularly in the retail and service sectors. The area is home to several shopping centres, including the Richmond Marketplace and the Richmond Mall, as well as a range of small businesses.
  5. Industrial developments: The suburb of Richmond is also home to various industrial businesses, including manufacturing, transport, and logistics companies.
  6. Sustainability: There has been a growing focus on sustainability in Richmond, particularly in energy and waste management. The Hawkesbury City Council has implemented various sustainability initiatives, including solar power and recycling programs.

Richmond has been experiencing growth in population, residential and commercial developments, infrastructure upgrades, industrial developments, and a focus on sustainability. These trends are likely to continue as the area grows and develops in the coming years.

Building Construction Projects

The real estate market in Richmond, Sydney, has steadily increased demand and property values in recent years. Here are some of the key trends in the Richmond property market:

  1. Property values: Property values in Richmond have steadily increased over the past decade, with both houses and units experiencing growth. According to data from, the median house price in Richmond as of February 2023 is $1.1 million, while the median unit price is $590,000.
  2. High demand: The high demand for property in Richmond can be attributed to its proximity to Sydney CBD, affordable housing options, and access to amenities and public transport. This has led to increased competition for properties, with many selling quickly and above their listed price.
  3. New developments: Richmond is also experiencing growth in new developments, particularly in apartment complexes and townhouses. These developments cater to the growing demand for affordable housing in the area.
  4. Rental market: The rental market in Richmond is also strong, with rental yields averaging around 4% for both houses and units. The high demand for rental properties has led to an increase in rental prices.
  5. Buyer demographics: Most buyers in Richmond are families, first-home buyers, and investors. Families are attracted to the area due to its affordable housing options and access to quality schools, while investors are drawn to the strong rental market.
  6. Sales volumes: Sales volumes in Richmond have remained consistent over the past few years, with a moderate increase in the number of properties sold in recent months.

The real estate market in Richmond, Sydney, is experiencing strong demand, increasing property values, and growth in new developments. The rental market is also strong, with a high demand for rental properties. These trends are expected to continue in the coming years, making Richmond an attractive area for both buyers and investors. Several major construction projects are underway or planned for the near future in Richmond, Sydney. Here are some of the most notable projects:

  1. Richmond Marketplace: The Richmond Marketplace is a major retail development currently under construction in the heart of Richmond. The project will include a new Coles supermarket, a Kmart, and over 50 specialty stores. The development is set to open in mid-2023 and is expected to boost the local economy significantly.
  2. Hawkesbury City Council Administration Building: The Hawkesbury City Council is currently constructing a new administration building in Richmond, which is set to open in early 2023. The building will provide modern facilities for council staff and will be a key part of revitalising the Richmond town centre.
  3. New housing developments: Several new housing developments are planned for Richmond, including a 110-lot subdivision in Hobartville and a 55-lot subdivision in North Richmond. These developments will provide much-needed new housing in the area and are expected to be completed in the next few years.
  4. Richmond High School: Richmond High School is undergoing a major upgrade, which includes the construction of new classrooms, science labs, and sports facilities. The project is expected to be completed in 2023 and will provide state-of-the-art facilities for students.
  5. Western Sydney University: Western Sydney University is planning to open a new campus in Richmond soon. The campus will provide a range of courses and will be a key driver of economic growth in the area.

These major construction projects are expected to significantly impact the Richmond area, providing new retail, housing, and educational facilities. They are also expected to generate employment opportunities and boost the local economy.

Commercial offices in Richmond

Richmond, Sydney, is primarily a residential area with a mix of commercial and industrial properties. While some commercial offices are in the area, they tend to be smaller in scale compared to other parts of Sydney. Here are some of the major commercial offices in Richmond:

  1. Hawkesbury City Council: The Hawkesbury City Council has its main offices in Richmond, located on George Street. The council employs hundreds of staff and is responsible for providing a range of services to the local community.
  2. Professional services firms: There are several professional services firms located in Richmond, including lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors. These firms tend to be small and focused on providing services to the local community.
  3. Small businesses: Richmond is home to a range of small businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and retail stores. These businesses provide local employment opportunities and contribute to the vibrancy of the area.

Overall, while some commercial offices are in Richmond, the area primarily focuses on residential properties and small businesses. However, with the ongoing development of the Richmond town centre, there may be more commercial offices in the area in the future.

Latest update

Last month Richmond had 0 properties available for rent and 1 property for sale. Over the last year, median property prices range from $1,500,000 for houses to $611,000 for units. If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Richmond rented out for $675 PW with an annual rental yield of 2.6% and units rented for $425 PW with a rental yield of 4.2%. Based on five years of sales, Richmond has seen a compound growth rate of 9.9% for houses and 1.0% for units. Suburbs next to Richmond that have similar demographic and Building issues are: North Richmond, Hobartville and Richmond Lowlands. Clear View Property inspections can help you with your next building inspection and report.