A day in the life of a property inspector – most expensive suburbs in Sydney edition

A day in the life of a property inspector starts off with a schedule of approximately 2-4 inspections. Property inspections can vary from the pre-purchase building, pre-purchase timber pest inspections, termite inspections, and pool inspections, there is a variation of services offered. Working in the most expensive suburbs in Sydney has its benefits. Generally, from amazing water views and beaches to mansions and stunning homes looked after by butlers and cleaners. Let’s not forget the food and cafes with that city vibe and ambience in these high-end suburbs.

Organising on site consultation

Starting the day out

At Clear View Property Inspections our inspector loves starting his day off with a coffee and breakfast so he’s ready for the day ahead. Upon arriving at his first job in the upper class of Vaucluse of Double Bay, these homes are generally on a larger scale, generally between 2-3 levels, 5-6 bedrooms, tennis courts, crystal clear swimming pools, you name it it’s there!!!

Robert (our inspector) recalls one of his jobs in Vaucluse, where he was lucky enough to complete a pre-purchase building inspection at home owned by a famous actor. The home was enormous, with sparkling marble floors, a pool that looked like his own little tropical oasis, water views and if that wasn’t enough, the harbour bridge was also in sight. Let’s not forget the full-sized tennis court and the butler which answered the door.

Servicing a home in Vaucluse

Visiting on-site Sydney’s exclusive suburbs

This indulgent home sold for over $10 million and Robert completed his inspection. This property was absolutely perfect. Even though it looked pristine, Robert completed a thorough inspection using all the high-tech equipment he had on hand, including the termatrack, thermal camera and drone to inspect the roof. Robert will inspect the home from top to bottom to ensure that the potential purchaser is buying a suitable property with no major defects or hidden surprises he wasn’t aware of. Generally, the inspection will begin inside the property, inspecting all rooms, including ceilings, walls and floors then continuing around the home. Next will be the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms checking plumbing, cabinetry, tiling, finishes etc. Once the home’s interior is complete, he will make his way inside the roof cavity and check all roof members, look for any evidence of previous termite activity, any structural issues etc then he will begin outside of the property.

building defects

Every mega mansion has its challenges

This will include, gutters, downpipes, windows, doors, surroundings, fences, garden beds, drainage, driveways, and all aspects of the home for any structural defects such as cracks and movement. Once that’s complete, he will inspect inside the subfloor if any. Then he will write up the report and this will then be forwarded to the client followed up with a phone call.

“Every job is unique in its own way, and that’s what makes it enjoyable”