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A pool inspection is an assessment of the safety and compliance of a swimming pool and its associated barriers or fences. The purpose of a pool inspection is to identify any potential hazards or issues that could pose a risk to individuals, particularly children, using the pool or the surrounding area.

During a pool inspection, a licensed pool inspector will assess the swimming pool and its surrounding area, including the pool fence or barrier, gates, and other safety features, to ensure that they comply with the relevant safety standards. The inspector will check that the pool and its surrounds are free from any hazards, such as sharp edges, slippery surfaces or tripping hazards.

The pool inspector will also check that the pool fence or barrier is correctly installed, in good condition, and that it meets the required height and strength requirements. The gate, latches and hinges will be checked to ensure they are in good working order and operating correctly.

The inspector will also check the pool’s water quality, including the clarity and chemical balance, as well as the filtration and circulation systems, to ensure they are functioning properly. Any issues or non-compliance will be noted, and recommendations will be made to bring the pool up to the required safety standards.

The inspection report will typically include a summary of any issues identified, the recommended actions to address these issues, and a timeframe for when any necessary repairs or maintenance should be completed. The report will also identify any areas where the pool and its surrounding areas meet the required safety standards.

Overall, a pool inspection is an important step in ensuring the safety of individuals, particularly children, who use or are near a swimming pool. It is strongly recommended that pool owners have regular pool inspections to identify any potential hazards or issues and to ensure that their pool and surrounding area are safe and compliant with the relevant safety standards.

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