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A NSW pool fence certification is a formal document that confirms that a swimming pool fence or barrier meets the safety standards required by the NSW Government. In New South Wales, it is mandatory for pool owners to have a compliant pool fence or barrier to ensure the safety of young children and prevent drowning incidents.

The certification process involves an inspection of the pool fence or barrier by a licensed certifier who is accredited by the NSW Government. The certifier assesses the fence or barrier to ensure that it meets the safety standards required by law. The certification is only issued if the fence or barrier meets these standards.

A pool fence certification is an important document for pool owners in NSW, as it demonstrates that their pool fence or barrier is compliant with safety standards and reduces the risk of drowning incidents. The certification is also required to be registered with the NSW Swimming Pool Register, which is a government-run database of all swimming pools and their safety compliance status in NSW.

It is important to note that a pool fence certification is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue. After this time, a new certification will need to be obtained to ensure that the pool fence or barrier continues to meet the safety standards required by law.

Who can issue a pool fence safety certification?

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