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Termite Treatment

Residential Treatment

Termite baiting is the best way to deal with termites. Bait systems are placed underground around the home and filled with non-toxic termite food until termite activity is confirmed. Then, the non-toxic bait is replaced with toxic termite food, which acts slowly to eradicate the colony.

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Termite infestation in Sydney

Home Best Practices

There are two popular types of termite treatments. Termite baiting systems and termite barriers. We would advise you to contact a professional pest controller to see what termite treatment will be best suited to your home. The pest controller will consider things like species of termites, soil type and materials in your home.

Termite infestation in Sydney

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Soil Treatments

This treatment is often used to prevent termites from entering your home and continues to offer protection even after addressing an infestation. A liquid termiticide is applied directly to the soil near the external walls of your home. In areas with paving or concrete, the chemical is injected through drill holes. It’s important to note that these chemicals break down over time, so the soil needs to be resprayed every 5 years for continued effectiveness.

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Preparation for soil treatment

Chemical Perimeters

This is another way to apply the chemical into the soil without hand spraying. The pipe carrying the chemical is buried in the soil next to the outer walls. This method works best if installed before laying decking, paving or concrete, so that these areas won’t be disturbed when treating the soil in future years. Although initial installation may cost more than hand spraying, it requires less chemical for re-treatment which can make it equally or even more cost-effective over time.

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Termite barrier protection


Termite baiting stations are placed every 3 meters in the soil around the home to detect termites. Once detected, toxic food is used to eliminate them. The stations need regular monitoring for termite activity and can be a pricier but effective treatment option.

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Spot Treatments

This treatment is only recommended for dealing with termites found outside of a property. It’s used directly on active termites when they are found in garden beds, tree stumps, or trees. While it’s the lowest cost method, you’ll always be recommended a full termite protection plan afterwards to protect your home.

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To be effective, you’ll need lots of termites and many treatments over time. The powder is toxic to them and is applied using a puffer directly onto the affected areas. It slowly kills the termites, spreading throughout their colony. After termite activity stops, it’s recommended to plan for another treatment as a preventive measure. Costs vary widely depending on the situation.