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Termite Treatment

Residential Treatment

Termite Baiting is this expert’s answer to what he believes is the best termite treatment out there. The way this works is by placing termite baiting systems below ground around the home. The bait systems are then filled with non-toxic termite food until the termite activity is confirmed. Once the activity of the termites is located the non-toxic bait is replaced with toxic termite food. This toxic bait is a slow-acting termiticide. They will feed on this termite treatment and it will be taken back to the nest where they will then be introduced to the rest of the colony until they are eradicated.

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Termite infestation in Sydney

Home Best Practices 

There are two popular types of termite treatments. Termite baiting systems and termite barriers. We would advise you to contact a professional to see what termite treatment will be best suited to your home. The professionals will consider things like species of termites, soil type and materials in your home.

Termite infestation in Sydney

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There are a few different types of termite treatments or termite prevention methods available.

Soil Treatments

This treatment is commonly used as a preventive measure to deter termite entry into your home and also provides ongoing protection after the activity has been discovered and treated. A liquid termiticide would directly be applied to exposed soil next to the external walls of your home. In areas where there is paving, concrete or other hard surfaces the chemical will be injected through drill holes. One concern is that the chemicals do break down over time, so in order for them to remain effective the soil will need to be resprayed at least every 5 years.

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Preparation for soil treatment

Chemical Perimeters

This is an alternative system to the hand spraying method. The chemical is delivered into the soil through a pipe that is buried in the soil next to the outside walls. This type of treatment is most practical when installed before the decking, paving or concrete are laid. This way the soil can retreat in future years without disruptions to these areas. In most situations, the initial installation will cost more than hand spraying but there is less chemical used at re-treatment time. Retreatment costs are comparable to hand spraying and sometimes it may be even cheaper.

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Termite barrier protection


Termite baiting stations are placed at 3-meter intervals in the soil around the perimeter of the home. They would be filled with non-toxic termite food until termites are detected, then it is switched to toxic food for them to ingest and take back to the nest to kill the colony. Following the initial installation, the termite baiting stations should be checked and monitored for termite activity regularly. This termite treatment option is generally a higher-cost option. However, they have the advantage of giving you the ability to check for termite activity and eliminate it.

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Spot Treatments

This treatment is only recommended when termites are found outside of a property. It is not a substitute for an external perimeter treatment. This is used directly on the active termites when they are found in garden beds, tree stumps or trees. This is the lowest cost method of treating termites, however, you will always be recommended a full termite protection plan following this to protect your home.

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To be effective there will need to be a large number of termites and many treatments will be needed over a period of time. The powder is toxic to termites and is applied through a puffer directly onto the termites. It slowly kills the termites allowing the dust to be passed on throughout the colony. Once termite activity has ceased, it will be recommended to organise another termite treatment to protect your home from a future infestation. Costs will vary greatly and are very much dependent on the situation.