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Presale Inspection

It is commonly misunderstood that building inspections benefit only the buyer or real estate agent rather than the seller (vendor). However, there are numerous advantages to conducting a pre-sale building and pest inspection before putting your property on the market.

A pre-sale report can be valuable in identifying any structural issues and necessary repairs before the selling date. This will demonstrate that the property is secure and in good condition, potentially attracting more potential buyers and allowing for a higher listing price.

A pre-sale inspection will help the seller and potential buyer accurately value the property, allowing for negotiations regarding repair costs, market value adjustments, or contract termination in case of severe faults. Our comprehensive pre-sale reports provide peace of mind when selling your property.

Presale Inspection Sydney Building and Property Industry

Potential buyers are more likely to trust a property with a pre-sale inspection report, as it shows transparency and honesty from the seller.

Comprehensive Presale Report

Our pre-purchase property inspections are designed to evaluate if a property complies with building codes and will assess the building’s overall condition and structural integrity. A certified inspector will conduct the inspection and provide a comprehensive written report within 24 hours.

The building inspection report will present the results and an overview of the approaches used in analyzing the building. It includes a separate section for minor defects, significant damages, and safety concerns. If a major issue or hazard is identified, its location will be specified, along with an explanation as to why it’s considered significant.

Additionally, the inspector will offer guidance on which repairs should be given priority and how to address these issues effectively. A comprehensive building inspection encompasses all accessible areas of the property while excluding obscured or blocked sections.

Selling Your Home

You have decided to sell your home. Great news! What’s the plan to get the most $$ for your property?

As builders and inspectors, we find the downfall for property owners selling their homes is when a potential purchaser arranges their pre-purchase building inspection report. 8 out of 10 homes fall through due to major defects found during the inspection.

The reason the sale can fall through is that the home is listed for a price and the sale agreed on the proviso the home is in good structural condition. When it’s found that it is not, the purchaser either pulls out or wants a discount reflecting the cost of repairs! And rightfully so, we believe.

Presale Inspection Sydney Building and Property Industry

Research shows that the preparation for inspection results in numerous benefits, including the identification of areas for improvement and the external audit of achievements, strengths and weaknesses.

Identifying Building Defects

Having a detailed Pre-Sale inspection will outline all major defects and minor defects that you, the owner, can fix before listing the property, removing any possibility of a buyer pulling out of a potential purchase, or you can list the home at a discount reflecting the defects that have been found and provide the report to potential purchasers so they are well aware before any negotiation begins for the purchase of your home.

A pre-sale inspection can help you understand your property’s condition and the price expectations for the sale.

Choosing an Inspector

Ok we have some more valuable advice. When arranging pre-sale inspections, don’t find an inspector who is cheap and will be inspecting with his eyes closed so you receive an inspection report with no defects. This defeats the point and will only have the same result as no inspection. Many purchasers arrange their pre-purchase property inspections for this reason, as there are too many building inspectors doing dodgy reports for real estate.

Make sure your inspector is a licensed builder and a licensed pest controller. Check the licence number for both trades. The inspector should spend at least 2.5 to 4 hrs for a thorough building and timber pest inspection. 1 or 2 hrs inspections are NOT thorough for an average-sized home!

The inspector needs to check the roof exterior, fascia boards, eaves, gutters, down pipes, exterior walls, windows, doors, outdoor entertaining areas, fences, bathrooms, showers, vanities, taps and drains, moisture in walls, all bedrooms, living areas, roof cavity, laundries and kitchens just to name a few!

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Appropriate time needs to be allocated for pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections, and that will reflect the price you pay as it does with all industries and trades.

Presale Inspection Sydney Building and Property Industry

By conducting a pre-sale building inspection, not only can you increase the chances of a successful and smooth sale, but you can also enhance your reputation as a seller who cares about the condition and integrity of their property.