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We make sure that new and existing buildings meet the necessary building codes, standards, and regulations. The goal of building compliance and certification is to ensure that buildings are safe, healthy, and functional for occupants and the public. We complete Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection along with detailed reports.

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Building Inspection Services

Building inspections are an essential step in the home-buying process. Yet, it’s often overlooked by many Australians who don’t understand the consequences of not completing a practical building inspection or timber pest inspection (termite inspection). Anyone dealing with property – from contractors to property investors – needs to know the significant defects surrounding the home and how vital these inspections are. With over 35 years of combined experience in Building construction and Pest Management services, you can rest assured your Building Inspection will detail all necessary findings to ensure you make an informed decision on your purchase.


Our building inspection services cater to Home Owners, First Home Buyers, Property Investors, Builders and Contractors, Body Corporates, as well as Building Managers. We provide direct and local in-person service without any middle-man involved. At Clear View Property Inspections, we prioritize the safety and functionality of buildings.

As a building inspector, my main task is to make sure all buildings comply with state and local building codes. We perform inspections at different stages of the building process to ensure that everything aligns with the specifications and standards required by code. This includes checking plans against actual construction, verifying correct installation of utilities, assessing structural integrity based on materials used for construction as well as door/window installations done by licensed contractors.

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Pool Certification and Compliance

Why Choose Clear View Property Inspections

building inspections are a valuable tool for ensuring the safety, compliance, and value of a property. They can help identify potential issues early on, provide peace of mind, and give property owners and buyers negotiating power.

Accurate Building report

Purchasing or constructing a home is a major decision, and obtaining a comprehensive building inspection report will provide valuable insight. If the report uncovers any defects or potential issues, it can be used to negotiate with the seller for repairs or price adjustments.

The turnaround time for receiving a building inspection report can vary depending on the inspector and the scope of the inspection. In general, most building inspectors aim to provide the report within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection has been completed.

NSW Licensed Builder

We are the only building inspection company in Sydney NSW who are fully licensed, experienced builders and pest management technicians. We ensure thorough attention to any defects in the property, including structural issues, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing, and others.

Identify potential issues: A building inspection can identify potential issues or defects in a property that may not be visible to the untrained eye. This includes structural problems, plumbing and electrical issues, water damage, and more. Identifying these issues early on can prevent them from becoming more serious and costly to fix in the future.

Compliance with Regulations

A building inspection report can ensure the property complies with local building codes and regulations, helping buyers avoid potential legal and financial liabilities arising from non-compliance. We understand the importance of building inspections in ensuring the safety and quality of your property.

Peace of mind: A building inspection can provide peace of mind to property owners and potential buyers by confirming that the property is in good condition and safe for use.

Trust your Home

When buying property, it’s important to invest in a reliable building inspection report. Whether it’s structural defects, electrical problems, or plumbing issues, our experienced team will provide a detailed report that covers all aspects of the property.

Sydney Property Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Before starting a building project, it’s important to prepare for different types of inspections such as new construction, renovations, alterations, additions, and repairs. This preparation can help the process run smoother and prevent potential problems. For new construction inspections specifically, you’ll need to apply for a building permit from the local council before beginning the project. Some councils may also require hiring an independent inspector to ensure that the work complies with building codes. During this inspection, the site will be reviewed to confirm proper grading and clearance of debris and utility lines; electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, and fire protection systems will be inspected too, along with ensuring compliance with health codes (for kitchens in hotels or restaurants). Finally both interior and exterior aspects are checked for building code compliance prior to issuance of the building permit allowing further activities on-site.

So, what happens during a building inspection?

When you’ve found the property you’re interested in purchasing, negotiate and make an offer. After both parties agree to the price, exchange contracts between solicitors or conveyancers and deposit generally 0.25% of the purchase price.

There’s a cooling-off period that allows you time to adjust contract terms and arrange your pre-purchase building and pest inspections. Always have a minimum of 10 days for this period as you will need time to arrange your building inspector, property reports, and any further investigations required. Don’t be rushed into a 5-day cooling-off period; request an extension if issues arise from your inspection report – such as needing quotes on defects found during it.

Afterwards, the inspector provides a detailed report outlining identified issues or defects along with recommendations for repairs or maintenance. Remember, a detailed pre-purchase building report can save tens of thousands off the purchase price through negotiations or by avoiding purchasing problem-ridden properties!

Beware of Auction Sales

In an auction sale, the property is sold to the highest bidder, and the sale is final and unconditional. This means that buyers have no chance for a pre-purchase inspection before the sale, making it crucial to arrange a building inspection beforehand. Additionally, it’s important for buyers to be aware of potential pitfalls during a residential auction in NSW:

  • Overbidding: Set a clear budget and stick to it.
  • Lack of preparation: Conduct thorough research on the property and local market.
  • Inadequate finance: Ensure you have pre-approved finance before bidding.
  • Hidden costs: Factor in additional costs like stamp duty, legal fees, and building inspections.

Remember that relying solely on seller-provided pre-purchase building inspections isn’t recommended; having your own conducted is ideal. Also keep in mind “buyer beware” applies at auctions – do your due diligence!

Frequently Asked Questions About Building Inspections

A building inspection price can start from $400 to $1500. The price will depend on several variables including the time it will take to inspect the property, location of the property, the inspector’s expertise and years of experience, the equipment and technology that are needed to conduct the inspection.

A building inspection allows you to get an estimate of the repair costs that are needed on the property, which can be used to renegotiate or reduce the price of the property that you want to buy.

Building inspectors will inspect all accessible areas of the home. These include floors, walls, ceilings, rood cavity, sub-floor, fences, roofs, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. They will look at the condition of the property, detailing the major and minor defects.

A pre-purchase or pre-sale property inspection is the same thing. One is done for the seller if they want one done before they sell to understand any concerns with their property, and the other is done for the purchaser before they buy the property. Both building inspection reports have the same fundamentals.

The inspection is to assess if there is evidence of timber pests, existing visual evidence of damage caused by timber pests and conducive conditions to timber pests such as termites.

At Clear View we are qualified Pest management technicians and will provide the best quality advice on preventative measures and have the experience to know where to look for concealed termite ingress. We have inspected and treated thousands of homes for termites.

The basis of the standard is a non-invasive inspection, comprising of visual inspection supplemented by non-marking sounding of elements and assessment of moisture content of materials.

As a buyer you must understand the seller’s perspective, they would not want an inspector cutting holes in walls, moving furniture, lifting insulation to access parts of the home. This is just not practical nor feasible.

This is why it’s imperative you have a qualified Pest technician complete your Timber pest inspection. Note that over 80% of inspectors are NOT Pest management technicians and have only completed 2 modules of the pest management course that allows them to inspect homes for timber pest.

At Clear View Property Inspections, we are Licensed Pest Management technicians with 10 years’ experience in inspecting and treating termites.

As standard at no extra cost, we use high technology equipment to help us over come the need for an invasive inspection should we find potential signs of concealed termites.

We use as standard, Thermal imaging camera (flir E85) top of the line camera to help identify heat differences in walls that could identify termites.

Termatrac T3i is used to pick up sound waves in between walls. Basically, if we find a conducive area, we will use the T3i on the area of concern to see if we can pick up movement in the wall for termites.

Another item that is used is the Tramex moisture meter, this reads high moisture content in-depth between walls. This is a great item to identify high moisture behind showers and baths that could be ultimately due to waterproofing failure and is highly conducive to termites.

Well, this depends on a lot of factors.

Size of property, subfloor or built on concrete slab, flat roof vs pitch roof, land size etc

Who is doing the inspection for you and how much are you paying? Unfortunately, cheap prices lead to fast careless inspections which will be done in generally 1 hr.

This is not the time to be shopping for cheap prices, you are buying a home for millions of dollars.

Pending some variables, a timber pest inspection should take approx. 3-4 hrs, this is the amount of time Clear View Property Inspections will spend at the property. Rest assured we have no issues spending longer amount of time if required. We will not cut corners to speed the inspection up.

Considering that the building inspection industry is currently unregulated in NSW with no licensing requirements whatsoever there are unfortunately many unqualified building inspectors offering lower cost building inspections.

Would you trust a tiler or even a truck driver or hairdresser to conduct a professional building inspection on your new property? Well, there is a good chance this is what you will receive.

Unfortunately, even many genuine Builders have caved to the get in get out fast property inspections due to the competition.

How can a builder and pest controller spend 3-4 hours on a property, write a detailed report for a combined fee for the average of $400-$600? This only takes into account the time. What about equipment, trucks, insurances, overheads, websites, advertising and licensing? Something has to give and its usually the inspection. You will find that Both building and pest inspections are done in under 2 hrs including the reports completed and sent to client.


Here at Clear View we are different.

  • Robert is a licensed Builder of 20 years plus and a Pest management technician for over 10 years.
  • He is the only person doing our inspections, No contractors or employees. You will speak directly with him.
  • We allow sufficient time for all our inspections and will not leave till we are 100 percent satisfied with our findings.
  • You will talk to Robert Directly after he has completed his report.
  • Our prices are Fair for the quality and time of our services.

Refer to our prices section for more details.

Sydney Building Inspector

Residential Renovations

Residential renovation projects typically require a building permit from your local council before you can begin the work. The type of renovations performed will depend on whether you are renovating a single-family house or a multi-family apartment building. You will also have to hire an inspector to ensure that it meets all code requirements and is safe for you and your family. If you are purchasing a residential property in New South Wales, an inspection can provide valuable information about the property’s condition, including any defects or potential problems.

Commercial Renovations

Commercial renovation projects require a permit before work begins. The requirements for a commercial renovation will vary depending on the type of building and the type of renovation that will be performed, such as new offices, retail locations, or warehouses.

Before the inspection, review relevant documentation including building plans, permits, and previous reports. Inspect the exterior for damage or hazards like loose masonry or cracks in the foundation; examine the interior for potential hazards like fire dangers or water damage.

The inspector must also review compliance with local codes regarding safety standards inside buildings as well as energy efficiency regulations followed by providing a detailed report identifying any issues and recommendations following the completion of inspection.

The NSW property inspection industry is in shatters and the ones who suffer are the consumers. It’s time to let consumers know the truth!

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Property Inspection Services

  • Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection
  • Termite Inspections
  • Pool Safety Inspection and Certification
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • New Build Multi-Stage Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspection
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Importance of a Quality Building Inspection

In addition to ensuring safety and functionality, a building inspection helps you anticipate any property issues in advance. This information can also be used to negotiate a lower purchase price and gain insight into potential long-term problems. Due to recent building defects in Sydney, qualified inspections are crucial for homeowners and builders alike. Clear View Property Inspections ensures that all key areas of a building are assessed for defects and potential safety concerns that may affect its value, usability, and overall condition.

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Common Sydney Home Issues

Water Leaks

Water damage through window and roof leaks is one of the most common issues found during building inspections. Water damage can lead to a variety of other dangerous hazards, including mould and the deterioration of building materials of the home.

Building Movement

Building movement refers to when the foundation of a building begins to shift. Building movement is often caused by natural settlement, substandard workmanship, poor design and material issues and can sometimes be identified during a building inspection.

Waterproofing Failure

Waterproofing failure is another common issue in building inspections as bathrooms and balconies may be susceptible to water intrusion and damage.

Termite structural damage

Termite damage

It’s common to find previous termite damage or active termites in homes, as many homeowners do not complete regular inspections. This can lead to unknowingly harbouring a termite infestation. Additionally, some homeowners may try to hide past termite issues, as there is no legal requirement in NSW to declare them. With our years of experience treating termites, we are experts at finding previous termite damage.

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Local Sydney Property Inspection

We are a family business looking to help people ensure their homes’ and businesses’ safety and functionality through property inspections. We’re not looking to scale our business exponentially or cut corners regarding quality. We care about earning your trust and paying attention to minor details.

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Building inspectors play a crucial role by conducting inspections to identify and assess the presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead paint, and other harmful substances.
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Your Building Inspector in Action

Our building inspection videos provide an overview of how our inspector Robert completes your report. Our experienced inspectors utilize state-of-the-art technology to uncover any potential issues. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply maintaining your property, trust Clear View Inspection to deliver comprehensive and reliable building inspection services.

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