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Building Inspection App

iOS and Android Compatible created by pest and building inspectors, designed to help you report in real-time whilst on-site. Tailored specifically for the building inspection industry, our app makes reporting efficient, professional and compliant. Building Inspection App revolutionizes the way residential homeowners understand building defects within their properties. By combining user-friendly interfaces, augmented reality technology, machine learning algorithms, and a communication platform, the app empowers homeowners to identify, comprehend, and address potential issues, ultimately ensuring the safety and longevity of their homes.

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Our Point of Difference

The app offers a simple and intuitive way for homeowners to conduct visual inspections of their homes, guided by a step-by-step process. Through the use of augmented reality technology, users can overlay digital information onto their physical surroundings, enabling them to identify and understand potential building defects more effectively. The app’s database contains a vast array of common building defects, such as cracks, leaks, electrical issues, and structural problems, along with detailed explanations and recommendations for remediation. The ClearView Property Inspection App is an all-in-one building inspection system that works on both iOS and Android Tablets.

Our simple report design relies on status icons to quickly identify problems with an area. No more long-winded paragraphs of jargon and ugly reports. Terms are included in a separate PDF to keep the report clean. No longer will you have to spend hours after the inspection is completed converting paper reports into digital reports to be emailed. All this is taken care of within ClearView’s Building Inspection App.

Easily identify problems with features of the property at a glance due to our unique and professional report design. Clients don’t want to spend an hour reading a report, so make their life easy with simple-to-understand report templates that look professional and are fully compliant with Australian Standard. To further enhance the user experience, the Building Inspection App incorporates machine learning algorithms that can analyze images and identify potential defects automatically. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the app can quickly detect and categorize various issues, saving homeowners valuable time and effort. Furthermore, the app provides personalized suggestions based on the severity and urgency of each defect, ensuring that homeowners prioritize necessary repairs appropriately..

Simple To Use

The ClearView building inspector app provides a clean and logical report structure that reduces your time on site, allowing you to be more efficient with your inspections

Easy To Read Reports

Our property inspection report templates were designed with your clients in mind, providing clear and concise feedback on problem areas around the property.

Personalised Service

Conduct the building inspection without the need for USB dongles, 4G, 5G. This app will automatically sync to the client data to the cloud when you arrive home or back to your office.

Building inspectors play a crucial role by conducting inspections to identify and assess the presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead paint, and other harmful substances.


Our App pays particular attention to detail. You’ll get started quickly with our pre-loaded report templates and included terms and conditions that are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Industry compliant reports that your customers love

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Inspection Software

The app has been developed based on 25 years in the construction industry. Robert started as a carpenter apprentice at the age of 16. Diploma in Building & Construction and Builders license. Experience ranging from building new homes, renovation, extensions and additions to civil construction works ranging from construction of roads and bridges. Cert III in Civil Construction Bridge and Marine.

Our App reports are fully compliant with Australian Standards: AS4349.1-1995, AS4349.0-2007, AS4349.1-2007, AS4349.3-2010, AS4964-2004, AS3500, AS3000, AS1926-1986, AS1926-2007.1, AS1926-2012.1

A change in career and lifestyle saw a new venture into pest management. Completing Cert III in Urban Pest Management (highest qualification possible) and founding and developing a market-leading pest control company for ten years. Experienced in all aspects of pest and termite management to pre-construction termite barriers, Robert’s experience and knowledge are second to none.


  • Carpenter and Joiner Trade – Cert III
  • Building Studies – Diploma
  • Licensed Builder: 211725C
  • Civil construction Bridge and Marine -Cert III
  • Urban Pest Management – Cert III
  • Pest Management Technician Lic: 5074237
  • Licensed Pool safety inspector and Certifier Category E1
  • Drone Operator Certified and Registered
  • Accredited Pre- Purchase Property Inspector
  • Accredited New Build multi stage inspector.
  • Accredited Mould and asbestos Inspector
  • Accredited Installer termite barriers for Term X, Home Guard, Term seal and Jh termite Barriers
  • Below are links of EPA and NSW Fair trading licence checks


Your Building Inspector in Action

Our building inspection videos provide an overview of how our inspector Robert completes your report. Our experienced inspectors utilize state-of-the-art technology to uncover any potential issues. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply maintaining your property, trust Clear View Inspection to deliver comprehensive and reliable building inspection services.

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