What is Pool Certification?

The Importance of Swimming Pool Compliance

Australians love the water. From the churning surf of a beach in summertime to the genteel lap lanes of a community pool, Australians learn to swim and never look back. While our backyard pools and spas are places of great fun, they also carry great risks and dangers. The fact remains that drowning is the leading cause of preventable death in children under the age of five in Australia. The numbers are shocking, frightening and distressing.

The Daily Telegraph reported that New South Wales paramedics have been called to the scene of 225 drowning-related cases in the past two months. Included in this figure are a total of 18 fatalities. This is exactly why practising pool safety measures is so important. Pool certification is one of the best ways to make sure your water playground is safe.


NSW pool safety regulations to keep children safe

Hire a pool inspector and get a pool safety certification to ensure your backyard is safe for children of all ages.


Pool Certification is The Law

Across Australia, local and state authorities have passed laws to make it compulsory for owners and operators to improve safety barriers around pools and spas. We are experienced in surveying a wide range of properties, be it a standard home pool, a hotel rooftop pool or a public swimming pool. Barriers such as fences and gates are required to stop children from entering the water, especially if they are unsupervised. On top of that, non-climbable areas must to be established. And in some cases, non-slip surfaces and covers for suction pumps may also be necessary. Swimming pool rules featuring basic safety tips and emergency situation instructions should also be implemented.

In NSW, pool certification is a process whereby an accredited organisation checks a pool or spa for these safety features. The organisation then recommends if any improvements are needed or certain alterations are required. Once these conditions are satisfied, a certificate of compliance can be issued. It is only then that the pool or spa owner can be registered as having a pool or spa that meets the relevant standards and regulations.

Visit fairtrading.nsw.gov.au for more information.


pool certifier sydney - pool safety inspections and certifications

Clear View pool certifier sydney – pool safety inspections and certifications


Obtaining Swimming Pool Certification

The pool certification process ensures that all pools and spas in Australia meet safety standards, reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

To become a certified pool operator, homeowners must subject their pools to a rigorous inspection by an accredited organisation, ensuring that an expert considers every aspect of their pool’s safety.

Pool certification allows homeowners to quickly and easily identify which areas of their pools need improvement. Taking care of these revisions can also help raise the value of the property. Above all, it guarantees peace of mind that safety is brought to the fore.

This process also protects pool and spa owners from facing fines for non-compliance. It allows them to meet safety regulations governing the sale or lease of their properties. Most of all, it protects the welfare of anyone using the pool.


We Make Getting Certified Easy

We are Sydney’s leading experts in pool compliance and certification. Matching local skills with long-term experience, our certifier understands the NSW pool certification process. As fully accredited as E1 Swimming Pool Certifiers we can handle every aspect of the process, helping you from beginning to end. With your full cooperation, we will work hard to make sure that your pool or spa is up to code and backed by a certificate of compliance.

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