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New Building Multi-Stage Inspections

New building multi-stage inspections involve a series of building inspections throughout the process of constructing a new home.

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What is New Build Multi-Stage Inspections

New build multi-stage inspections involve a series of building inspections throughout the process of constructing a new home

From the point where your property is only a slab of concrete to the handover of the keys to your brand-new home, new building multi-stage inspections make sure that the construction process is of high quality and complaint to building codes and other safety standards every step of the way.

The process of building a house (or any kind of building) from the ground up is long and often arduous. So, having checkpoints along the way to make sure that everything is going smoothly will help identify mistakes and prevent future issues.

New building multi-stage inspections are essential for:

  • First home buyers
  • Property investors
  • New build buyers
  • Builders and contractors

Different from building surveyor inspections, new build multi-stage inspections are third-party evaluations that offer you a second pair of expert eyes on your new build. Especially since building a new home is a huge investment, it’s smart to do all the checks and balances during the process.

Clear View offers all types of building inspections including new build multi-stage inspections. We are a small business that cares about quality and attention to detail and we’re ready to earn your trust as your new building inspector.

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Stages of New Build Multi-Stage Inspections

New building multi-stage inspections are broken down into checkpoints. However, there’s not an industry standard for how many stages there are, and it depends on the build itself.

We’ll go over six of the most common stages in a new build multi-stage inspection and what each stage entails.

1. Pre-Slab Inspection

A Pre-Slab inspection is exactly as it sounds. An inspection prior to pouring the concrete slab for your home.

We check all aspects of the formwork, reinforcement and dimensions to ensure it complies with the architectural plans.

Slab inspections include:

  • Checking for moisture membranes
  • Placement of the steel
  • Barrier provisions for termite protection
  • Dimensions and ensure they are within tolerances
  • Checking that the installation is correct and according to plan

2. Framing Inspection

Frame inspection is completed once the complete framing is erected. Walls, roof trusses or conventional roofing including all bracing etc

This is a very important stage as the frame is the main structure of the building and a poor-quality installation could have serious defects down the line.

Framing inspection include:

  • Similar to Pre-Slab we check all dimensions to ensure they are correct as per the plans.
  • Checking framing member for plumb, square and straight walls.
  • Check tie downs and bracing are as per engineer details
  • Check dimension and locations of doors and windows
  • Check Physical Termite barrier has been installed as per code
  • We also give the completed slab a once over to ensure no major shrinkage cracks etc

3. Pre-lining Inspection

This inspection is not always done by other firms but we think its very important as once the plasterboard is installed, we can not see behind the walls and you can’t be sure if any trades have cut corners or have done poor workmanship.

In the past we have seen plumbers cut frames to run the plumbing and electricians do similar questionable work.

Pre-Lining inspection include:

  • Checking the plumbing services are installed in the correct manner and correct locations
  • Ensure sufficient blocking to plumbing pipes etc
  • Ensure sufficient blocking has been installed for cabinetry, toilet accessories, shelving’s, wall mounted TVs etc
  • Check that previous recommendations made to frame has been implemented.
  • Check brick ties have been installed correctly
  • Check Roof coverings and Brickwork for defects

4. Lock-Up/Waterproofing

Lock up stage is as it sounds. The building is at the point where all Linings, windows, doors, gutters, garage doors are complete. It’s getting very close to the final stages.

At this stage acceptable finishes are very important to ensure a quality job is handed over to you.

Its important we inspect this stage prior to any tiling as we want to check waterproofing compliance with AS3740-2010

At this stage we check:

  • Plasterboard finishes
  • Sufficient fixings to plasterboard and cabinetry
  • Quality check of all fix out carpentry, ie doors, jambs, skirtings, architraves etc
  • Waterproofing check

6. End of Defect liability Inspection

This inspection is usually completed after 90 days and will give you the opportunity to address the builder with issues that you would like rectified or perhaps certain things have deteriorated since hand over. For example, carpet joins showing through, tap leaks, cracked tiles etc

We will check all items as per Practical completion and of course you will be able to provide in-sight to areas you have concern with to which we can do a thorough investigation in.

Things we like to pay extra attention to is the moisture readings to bathrooms as they should not read at high levels being a newly built home.

  • High level moisture readings could identify waterproofing failure or plumbing issues within the walls.
  • Ensuring the site drainage is working well and the property surrounds are draining well.
  • No cracks to internal and external walls

Why are new build multi-stage inspections important?

Building a new home requires a lot of time, money and dedication. You’ll be putting a lot of effort into your new property and at the very least, you’ll want to ensure that everything is of high qaulity,safe and functional when you’re finally able to move in.

Here are a few of the main reasons new build multi-stage inspections are important.

  • Catch issues before it’s too late
  • Ensure safety and functionality of new builds
  • Third-party insight vs building surveyor inspections
  • Peace of mind
  • Ensure you get what you pay for from the builder
  • Quality control
  • Prevent future deterioration of your home from poor construction methods and quality

Using a multi-stage approach, you can catch any issues that might arise during the building process before it’s too late or extremely costly and time consuming to rectify. When you can fix any mistakes before you add layers to them, it’s much simpler to do and more cost-effective.

Another thing to note is that the building surveyor inspections that certify new builds could sometimes not be as thorough or diligent due to the building company using the business regularly.

While it might seem like a lot of building inspections compared to a pre-purchase building inspection or a general building inspection, it’s quite necessary when it comes to building a new home. You want to cover all your bases.

Ultimately, new building multi-stage inspections offer peace of mind that your new building is structurally sound, whether it’s you and your family who will be living there or tenants to whom you rent the space. And at the end of the day, peace of mind is priceless.

How much does a new building multi-stage inspection cost?

The cost of a new build multi-stage inspection will vary. Each quote depends on:

  • How many stages of the building inspection you would like inspected
  • The size of the building

When it comes to a new build multi stage inspection, you’ll usually get what you pay for. While you can often find competitive rates among building inspectors, it’s important to understand that your cheapest option isn’t always ideal.

Especially when it comes to building your new home, you’ll be pouring a lot of money into construction costs and after patiently waiting for months or even years for the final result, the last thing you want is unexpected expenses.

So, think of a new build multi-stage inspection like an investment in the safety and quality of your new home.

New Building Multi-Stage Inspection | Clear View

Clear View offers new build multi-stage inspections as well as many other kinds of building inspections. We do things a little differently than others in the industry.

We are a small business – in fact, we’re a family business – and by foregoing the need to grow fast or scale our business exponentially, we’d much rather provide high-quality building inspections with premium customer service and strong attention to detail.

After all, you want an inspector you can trust when it comes to Building your new home.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Easy to Understand Reports
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  • Trusted, Quality, Personalised Service

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