Know when your property needs a drug residue test

Drug Residue Testing

Living in a contaminated house may affect your family’s health. Undetected meth labs, when found by property owners, are usually given a clean-up and maybe a fresh coat of paint to look appealing to new tenants or potential owners. However, the inhabitants are not safe until the meth residue has been removed. Additionally, it’s important to consider synthetic drug exposure and its associated serious health risks when living in such environments.

It may be a good idea to organise a drug residue test on a property when:

  1. There is an unusual chemical smell
  2. Windows are blackened out or reinforced
  3. Recently rented premises where the resident is rarely home
  4. Suspicious items, such as improvised heating and cooling mechanisms
  5. Extractor fans, especially in garages/sheds.
Undetected meth labs

Notice suspicious signs such as strong chemical smells.

Process of undertaking drug residue testing

During a property drug residue test, trained professionals will collect samples from various surfaces within the property using specialized equipment and techniques. These samples will then be analyzed in a laboratory to determine the presence and concentration of drug residues. The purpose of the drug residue test is to identify any traces of drugs, such as MDMA or methamphetamine, that may be present in the property.

The importance of drug residue testing in a new property inspection cannot be understated for several reasons. Firstly, drug residue testing helps ensure the safety of future occupants. By detecting and remediating any drug residues in the property, potential health risks associated with exposure to these substances can be minimized. This is particularly important in the case of methamphetamine contamination, as studies have shown that residual methamphetamine can be present at alarming levels even after a single cook in a clandestine laboratory.

Furthermore, drug residue testing helps protect property owners from liability. Suppose a property is found to have drug residue. In that case, the owner may be held responsible for any harm or health issues that tenants or future occupants may experience as a result of exposure to the drug residues.

Drug residue testing

Drug residue testing can also be crucial for legal purposes. Law enforcement agencies may require evidence of drug residue in a property for legal proceedings, such as eviction or criminal investigations.

Typical Sydney Property Story

Investment Property

After renting out my investment property to the same occupants for six months, I decided it was time to change because I sensed something wasn’t right. Luckily, I lived on the same street, just a few houses down from my investment, and could see the property daily. From the outside, everything seemed neat and nothing too suspicious.

After a few months, I noticed the property looked unoccupied, but at night, cars were constantly in and out.  I also realised they were rarely taking out their bins. I thought it was just me being paranoid, so I just let it be as there were no issues with their payments, and the fact that they maintained the look of the property also eased my suspicions. 

Lease expiry and preparing for clean

Well, their 6-month lease was due to expire, and when my agent contacted them to find out if they wanted to renew their lease for another six months and also at a higher rate, their response was, “yes and we would like to pay the six months upfront in cash”. That was a red flag to me. Before agreeing, I organised for my agent to inspect the property before I went further. What did he find? The windows on the whole back and sides of the property (which are not visible from the street) were taped up, and there was a funny smell throughout the home. It was then that I decided to move on and find other tenants. 

Drug Residue Testing

Drug residue testing is of utmost importance in a new property inspection for the overall safety and well-being of future occupants.

Upon their move, which only took a few days, I walked into the property, and it was evident at that point what was taking place. I organised a drug residue test, and my suspicions were confirmed. I couldn’t believe it was happening right under my nose. Anyway, it was time to move on, so I organised a professional cleaning to remove all residue that would have been left all over my investment property and make sure it was safe and clean to find new tenants.

Investment and residential properties

Professional cleaning right down to the bare bones.