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Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports aren’t reports on just your construction site.

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Dilapidation Report Services

Dilapidation reports aren’t reports on just your construction site. Instead, these are also reports on the state of your neighbours’ property and the state of the surrounding areas. The point is to assess the ‘before and after’ status once the renovation or construction is complete.


Learning more about dilapidation reports will be particularly important to:

  • First home buyers
  • New build owners
  • Homeowners interested in renovating
  • Contractors and builders
  • Body corporates

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What’s included in a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation reports are broken up into two parts: an inspection before (or during) a construction, demolition or renovation and an inspection afterwards.

First Inspection

The first inspection is a building inspection that examines any pre-existing structural damage to surrounding properties or areas prior to a new build, a demolition or a renovation. This stage is all about documenting the current state of a structure.

Second Inspection

The second inspection is a building inspection that happens after a new build, renovation or demolition is complete. This stage documents the condition of the nearby structures post-construction.

These two inspection reports are then compared to one another to determine whether the construction, renovation or demolition caused any new issues in the surrounding areas.

Dilapidation reports are done by experienced building inspectors who thoroughly examine a property, checking for the specific aspects of a structure that might be adversely affected by nearby construction.

Taking detailed measurements, photos, notes, and diagrams of any existing cracks or surrounding plots or structures defects is key to an accurate dilapidation report. Upon comparison, dilapidation usually reports also help you determine a plan for repairing the issues.

Another key component of a dilapidation report is signing and agreeing upon by the owner and the contractor or builder involved in the construction work.

During both the pre- and post-construction dilapidation reports, all areas of the property of concern as well as its surrounding areas will be inspected including:

  • Overall building structure
  • Driveway and garages
  • Yards
  • Street guttering
  • Footpaths
  • Nature strips
  • Fencing
  • Nearby houses or buildings
  • Other relevant surrounding areas

More specifically, dilapidation reports might detail the current state of the following areas of property both before and after a nearby construction site’s work is completed:

  • Tile cracks around plumbing fixtures
  • Cracks in internal and external walls
  • Loose or missing frames
  • Cracks in concrete or pavers
  • Indications of ground movement
  • Architrave alignments

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Avoid the Unexpected

Dilapidation reports help you avoid unexpected surprises when you go to do construction or renovations. It’s essential that you understand the reality of the condition of your property before you do any construction work on it.

Since a dilapidation report not only surveys the structures surrounding your proposed construction site, it also inspects your property as well. So, you’ll have an accurate, up to date assessment of the state of your site pre-construction.

This means that you won’t be hit with any unexpected surprises during your construction or renovation journey.

When you avoid the unexpected, your new build or renovation is likely to take less time and save you money both on time spent as well as potential repairs due to inaccurate information. Therefore, your dilapidation report can be seen as an investment in saving money long term.

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Protect Yourself Against Legal Action

Dilapidation reports are also essential for protecting yourself against legal action. Since these reports contain accurate documentation of your property and all of its surrounding areas before construction or demolition starts, you have an objective measure of the state of both your property and your neighbours’ property.

That way, if your neighbour tries to blame some sort of damage on your builder, you’ll both have documentation to see what’s true. Similarly, if your property is damaged by your neighbours’ construction site, you’ll have proof of what things were like beforehand.

Let’s face it – construction, demolitions and renovations all usually involve heavy machinery and many moving parts. It’s common for things to get damaged and you want to be protected in the event that your property ends up falling victim to such damage.

Dilapidation reports are key to protecting both parties against legal action since the first round of documentation is required to be agreed upon by everyone involved. Not to mention, dilapidation reports are completed by a third-party inspector to prevent conflicts of interest.

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Improve Guidance for the Builder

Dilapidation reports also provide extensive guidance for builders and contracts. Since these reports are filed prior to the commencement of construction, your builder can better assess the condition of both your property and all of its surrounding structures.

With these details in mind, your builder can better ensure that damage won’t come to anything surrounding your property since they can look out for any potential land movement, vibrations and areas prone to water overflow.

In other words, your dilapidation report can help guide builders and contractors around the site to reduce the likelihood of any potential damage. Plus, if any landscaping or roads were adjusted during construction, dilapidation reports can also aid in restoring them to their original pre-construction condition.

How much do dilapidation reports cost?

The cost of dilapidation reports can vary. Your inspector will offer you a quote determined by factors such as:

  • The size of the construction site
  • The number of surrounding structures
  • Type of inspections completed

With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that the cheapest dilapidation reports you can find often aren’t of the highest quality. With things like inspections and dilapidation reports, you want an inspector who can offer strong attention to detail and quality documentation.

A quality dilapidation report can mean the difference between a lengthy and expensive lawsuit between neighbours and a friendly agreement regarding the state of affairs before and after a build or renovation.

In other words, dilapidation reports often pay for themselves and are definitely worth the investment.

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