Can you check for drug residue when buying a house

How can you check for drug residue when buying a house?

When you’re in the process of searching for your new home, you are entitled to organise any inspection you see necessary before you make an offer. You can still organise your inspections after you have submitted your offer, it’s never too late. Many potential buyers organise a building inspection or a timber pest inspection to ensure they know exactly what they are buying and don’t end up with hidden problems that are noticed after they move in. When the inspections are organised, it is also important to book a drug residue test, especially if it was leased out to many tenants before going on the market. Some building inspection companies offer this service, but if the one you have organised does not offer drug residue testing, you can book a separate company that specialises in this field.

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As a home buyer, organise a building inspection

Can you check for drug residue when buying a house?

Yes, of course, you can. Nothing is stopping you from organising a drug residue test. This is not something you can walk in and do yourself with some DIY test kit, you need to book in the professionals to complete the drug residue test. If the real estate agent has some issue with you when you mention that you are interested in organising a professional drug residue test, then it is a red flag, and I would then question why there are issues with this. They should encourage you to organise the drug test for peace of mind. Having drug residue on a property can cause major health problems in adults and even worse in children, so there should be no question from anyone and no discouragement about having this inspection done on a potential new property for your family or as an investment.

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On site specialist can detect the location and extent of drug residue.

When can you check for drug residue when buying a house?

Ideally, this is organised at the same time you organise all your other inspections, such as the building and timber pest inspections. If you have already completed the inspections and decided to organise a drug residue test due to what the building inspector found at the property or want to organise one for your safety, then it shouldn’t be a problem. You must contact the real estate agency and organise a suitable day and time to complete the drug residue test. Many people don’t even realise that drug residue testing is available when looking for a property, yet it is such an important thing to test for.

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